Evolve Nutritional Therapy's Philosophy


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I believe that by addressing and managing the foundations of health while respecting the bio-individuality of each person’s body, optimal health can achieved. The most important foundation of health is a properly-prepared nutrient-dense diet that provides the body with the raw materials for mental and physical well-being. Many modern health challenges are the result of imbalances and weaknesses in the body caused by poor nutrition and lifestyle factors. The human body is innately intelligent and has the power to heal and repair itself when given the proper nutrition and implementing a healthier lifestyle. Empower yourself with nutrition and take charge of your own health!

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 Research suggests that being sleep deprived on a consistent basis significantly impairs psychomotor function, memory retrieval, work productivity, immune system function, insulin sensitivity,endocrine balance, athletic performance ,cellular regeneration, fat loss, muscle building, blood sugar regulation, food cravings, willpower and hormonal function. Many of the daily choices we make from the foods we eat to the amount of time we spend on  laptops and smart phones impact our sleep. Getting eight to nine hours of quality restorative sleep is downright necessary to be happy healthy individuals who function at a high level. 

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Nutritious Movement 

 The way you move and the positions you put your body in throughout the day have a direct affect on your health, that is why movement should be viewed as a skill. Incorrect movement patterns lead to dysfunction, over time causing pain and injury. Our bodies are beautifully designed to move often and at varying degrees of intensity. Low intensity movements like hiking, yoga, walking, bike riding or snow shoeing are much different than higher intensity movements like sprinting, weight training, high intensity interval training or martial arts. Both high intensity and low intensity healthy movements have benefits and we need them both. 


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Stress Management

 The studies of stress and the negative impacts on health in the past few years have been eye opening, which is why it can no longer be overlooked. If you have all other aspects of holistic health dialed in but live a stressful lifestyle, it can ruin even the best efforts. Stress can negatively impact just about every aspect of health from digestions to sleep quality. At Evolve Nutritional Therapy I recognize that health spans much further than just nutrition and for that reason stress management is one of the pillars of my philosophy on holistic health. I believe that a daily practice of mindful stress reduction  is essential, and can take many different forms.