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Nutritional Therapy Consultations

As a Nutritional Therapist I will devise an individualized nutrition plan to meet your goals whether they be fat loss, increased energy, mood improvement, reduced inflammation, hormonal balance, or athletic performance.

Individualized nutritional therapy will empower you to support and balance the body in a way to achieve optimal health and reach your personal goals. Nutrition consultations are available in Portland Oregon or long distance.

For long distance we can work together through phone calls, video conference, text or E-mail. The following evaluations and tools provide the information needed to create a customized nutrition program.

  •  Confidential Health Questionnaire

  • Food Journal Evaluation 

  • Personalized nutrition Habits

  • Weekly check ins and necessary adjustments 

With the information provided by the evaluations, we work together to support the body's strengths and weaknesses by nutritionally addressing the following:

  • Properly prepared nutrient-dense diet 

  •  Digestion 

  • Vitamin and mineral balance 

  • Essential fatty acid balance 

  • Blood sugar regulation 

  •  Endocrine health ((Adrenal and Thyroid)

  • Hydration 

  •  Immune and allergy 

  • Detoxification

Consultation packages: For nutrition consultations I work one on one with clients, and have shorter (30-45 minute) consultations that take place every two weeks. During each consultation I work with clients on adopting one habit that they will practice for the next two weeks . 

The focus on one habit allows clients to not get overwhelmed by too much change at once. With consultations every two weeks it allows me to keep in contact with clients and support them while keeping them accountable and focused. I check in with clients regularly to help track progress and and make necessary adjustments. Below is an explanation of my consultations prices

  • 6 Consultations: $ 455

  • 9 Consultations: $625

  • 12 Consultations: $ 845