Gym Nutrition Challenge


As a gym owner your time is already in high demand, and you are extremely busy running and operating your gym.

We all know that nutrition is a crucial part of the health, and fitness  puzzle you are helping your gym members to solve.

Maybe you have run nutrition challenges in the past, and noticed that they did well but they were a lot of work on top of what you already are doing on a daily basis.

This is where I can help! My goal is to run the most successful nutrition challenge you've  ever had at your gym with no additional work for you. Here is some of what makes this a unique experience at your gym and for your clients.

  • This nutrition challenge is full tailored to your gym from the language used in the documents down to the length of the challenge

  • A survey used to get to know the culture and common goals at your gym

  • You pick the length of the challenge four, eight or twelve weeks long

  • You pick the dietary approach (paleo, non paleo, vegan, etc…)

  • We address Lifestyle, sleep and stress to reach goals too!

  • You pick the goals: Fat Loss or Performance based challenge

  • The all in or slower habit based approach

  • The participants will have access to a nutritionist (me) who can help them troubleshoot any problems

  • The buddy system

Each week has a theme complete with :

  • 5-10 minute video on the topic

  • Handouts

  • Daily Emails

  • 1 Week meal plan

  • Snack Ideas

  • Private Facebook Group

  • 30 Minutes live Q&A every two weeks

  • Food journal adjustments

  • Nutri- Q online questionnaire to address individual needs of participants