You’ve made the decision that you need to change your habits and finally lose that last 10 pounds. 

You’ve been putting it off for years but this time you’ve made up your mind to reach your goal and turn it into a lifestyle not another diet.  

You’ve been consistently eating better, the gym has become a regular part of your routine and you can’t remember the last time youve slept this well.

Everything is going great, when you realize – you’ll be traveling again soon. 

Unfortunately losing body fat and maintaining healthy habits on the road is one of the biggest challenges to fat loss.

When you’re away from your typical gym at home you might not have the same equipment available.

What will you do then for exercise and strength training?

Instead of being able to prepare your own healthy meals at home, you now have to figure out healthy snacks and meals on the go, and dine out at restaurants.

Which menu options support your fat loss goals?

Everyplace from the airport to hotel lobby is riddled with poor choices that contain excess calories, sugar and other poor quality ingredients.

When you know where to eat, and how to order, you can very easily and consistently eat for fat loss while traveling, but you need to have a plan to be able to do so.

This book was created to be the blueprint for you to follow to achieve fat loss while traveling, and will provide you with:

  • Two Highly successful nutrition strategies that you can pick based on the foods you enjoy

  • The best snacks to pack in your carry on bag

  • How to navigate airport food if you have no other options available

  • The common travel foods that are best to avoid

  • How to stock your room with nutritious foods whether you have a fridge available or not

  • A guide to dining out that explains the best/worst dishes to order at restaurants

  • A week meal plan for each nutrition strategy that gives options for  dining out OR making food in your room

  • Body weight and hotel gym workouts

  • Tips for better sleep and how to reduce stress

  • Private Facebook group for everyone who purchases the book

  • BONUS CHAPTER: How to party smarter and avoid the hangover while drinking!

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