Evolved Fat Loss Program

Most people can follow a diet in the short term and lose fat, but when you look six months down the road they have regained all the weight back, if not more.

I’ve worked with many clients who come to me with a background of dieting, and have gone through the fat loss and regain cycles many times.

As a result of this dieting cycle they have damaged their metabolism, their relationship with their body and food.

It is time for a new approach to fat loss. One that helps people regain health and lose fat. I decided to create the program that people have been asking for and need.

The program is based on habits, not another crash and burn diet. This means that participants will change their lifestyle, and experience a wholesome approach to fat loss. If you follow the weekly habits, you will lose fat guaranteed!

  • 12 Weeks/ 24 Weeks  

  • Weekly Nutrition, Lifestyle and Exercise Habits

  • PDF’s: Snack ideas, Meal plans,5 minute meals, Simple Fat Loss Book, List of foods to avoid, Guide to dining out, Guide to carbs, fats and proteins

  • Private facebook group - You join the community!

  • Daily emails with motivation, Recipes and Tips

  • Short Videos covering your habits for the week, and how to develop the habits

  • Help troubleshooting any problems


  • 12 Weeks: $ 347 
  • 24 Weeks: $600