3 Reasons To Break Up With The Scale

I have an admission to make to you all, I do not like scales when it comes to tracking fat  loss.

Most people get up in the morning and weight themselves first thing. The rest of the day it is on their minds and they are already judging themselves before the first cup of coffee. 

They let the number on the scale dictate how they feel about themselves starting at the very beginning of the day. 

If the number was higher than expected they person feels depressed, if it was lower than expected they feel excited. We have all been there!

When someone sets out to meet a goal “ I want to lose 25 pounds” it can be a good  starting point for motivation. Scales don’t tell the whole fat loss story, and can have powerful impacts on a person’s emotions and self esteem.

I’m here to say that I think you and the scale should take some time apart. Don’t worry there are plenty of other metrics we can use to track fat loss. I’m not saying to never step on a scale, but I’m going to share why you should do it far less often than you currently are. 

1. Weight Fluctuates Dramatically

The human body is truly amazing, and very responsive to the signals we send it. We are constantly eating, drinking, going to the bathroom, sweating - hopefully you’re not going to the bathroom and sweating together though!

The point is your weight will change based on what you ate, how much water you drank, if you worked out, how much salt you had in your food, bathroom frequency and  what time of day you weighed yourself. Quite a few factors to keep track of eh ?

Morning and night time weights will also fluctuate because you have been eating and drinking liquids all day. I regularly fluctuate between 3-6 pounds in a day based on how I ate, water consumption, trips to the bathroom and workouts!

2. Weight Doesn’t Reveal The Whole Story!

There are plenty of fat loss pictures out there where someone weighs roughly the same if not more, but with a dramatically improved body composition. Same weight on the scale, but different muscle and fat mass.

We all know that muscle is denser than fat and takes up more volume, but in the process of losing “weight” you never want to sacrifice hard earned muscle!

Ignore the losing “weight” talk we are interested in losing body fat. Even scales that give a body fat percentage are very inaccurate.

The goal is to reduce body fat while preserving and even building muscle mass. Weight loss doesn’t tell us if we are losing fat, or burning up muscle.

3. You Are Not A Scale Number!

Having a goal and wanting to make changes is an amazing part of life, but DO NOT let a number on a scale control how you feel about yourself!

Maybe you set out to lose 50 pounds, and  lost 40 pounds instead, while you didn’t hit your exact goal I’m betting you had to buy all new clothes, inspired those around you, are healthier and feel better about yourself. Those all sound like a net positive to me. 

Don’t fall victim to playing the up and down emotions game associated with scale addiction. More important do not let the number on the scale dictate how much you eat that day, that is how eating disorders are created and perpetuated. 

 Look how far you have come, and realize you have EARNED every step along the way, strive to make daily progress towards your goals, but appreciate the changes you have made. 

Everybody is a work in progress and has their own journey in this life. Focus on your journey, and  the distance you have traveled since first starting on this path!

How To Track Your Progress

When you strength train, eat properly, sleep and adopt healthier habits the body will shed fat. We have addressed a lot of these on the Eat To Evolve blog.

Losing fat is simple, however you should not mistake simple for easy. Because something is simple doesn't mean it will be easy. 

By tracking progress you will be able to make adjustments when necessary and see what is and isn’t working for you. You will have a gauge for measuring your fat loss.  

Before we cover how to track progress let me say this: DON’T TRACK EVERYTHING DAILY! Any form of daily tracking can become an addiction, and fosters an unhealthy relationship with your body and food. Once more  DON’T TRACK EVERYTHING DAILY!

I recommend tracking your progress every 2 weeks. Take pictures and measurements  at the same time, on the same day of the week. A Monday of Friday morning before you eat breakfast are best.

Methods For Tracking Fat Loss:

Take a picture:

Get into a bathing suit or your underwear, and use your cell phone to take a picture. If you have someone who can help you take pictures even better, if not the mirror picture will work.

Take a picture facing forwards towards the mirror, then turn sideways and take another side profile picture. If you have someone who can help take a picture of your back profile as well.

You may not like what you see, and you may not want to see that picture again,that’s  fine. Put those pictures in a special folder on your computer and add to the folder every two weeks.

We have a hard time noticing any changes on a day to day basis, but if you have a few months worth of pictures to look at you can see your body composition changing and make any necessary changes.


Go to a store and look in their craft section for a soft measuring tape. Make sure to measure yourself in the morning before any food or liquids and don’t do it right after a workout either. 

Measure the exact same point every two weeks for accuracy. Pick a  landmark on your body like  a scar or a freckle to make sure you are at the same spot as the previous measurement.

Take circumference measurement at each these points every two week and write the numbers down. You may need some help with a few of these, others can be done on your own.

  1. Shoulders: Put both your arms down at your side. Measure at the widest point from shoulder to shoulder.

  2. Chest: Put both your arms up in the air and wrap the tape measure around the chest. Just a little bit above the nipple, then put your arms down and take the measurement.

  3. Waist: Right at the belly button, wrapping the tape measure around until it gets back to the belly button.

  4. Hips: Measure the widest part of your hips, going all the way around.

  5. Thighs: Measure around the widest part of both your left and right thighs, but use the same body landmark to keep measurements accurate each week.

  6. A Measurable Workout: You will do this workout before entering into the fat loss challenge and record your score or time. You will do the same workout at the end of the challenge as well so you can bask in your hard work and improvement. While this is not necessary for those who have taken pictures and done measurements, this is an option for the more performance driven individual.

These are just a few of the many ways to measure fat loss without hopping on a scale multiple times every day and getting obsessed over the number. We all want to see immediate results, but you did not gain fat overnight so do not expect to lose it overnight either. 

Keep the non scale victories in mind like: better energy, improved mental clarity, clothes fitting better, your joints feel better, rings are looser, people asked if you have lost weight, inches lost and you FEEL HEALTHIER! these are way more valuable. 

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Start Today

A body at rest stays at rest, while a body in motion stays in motion this is Newton’s first law of motion known as inertia. This same principle applies to our mental processes when making a change in our life, the hardest part is starting.

Whenever anyone has a goal the best thing to do is start today, it doesn’t have to be a monumental step, but getting started is the most crucial part.

A week, a month, a year from this moment you will look back and wish you started on the path to your goal today.“I’m starting on monday” is a  dangerous saying. Most people’s mondays can last months and years. They never get started as a result.  

Let go of the idea that we need to be perfect right out of the gate. No race begins at the finish line, getting to your goals should be treated the same way.It is a marathon not a sprint, start slowly and build.

Small daily improvements are the key to long term staggering results. Show up, do your best and check the box for the day. It isn’t always going to be pretty, but it will always count towards progress.

The clients  I have worked with that  achieved the best results were ready to start making changes the first time we spoke. They were consistent in their efforts, and accepted bumps along the way.

None of them were big changes, some of them drank an extra glass of water four times a week or went for a five minute walk twice a week. Over time those small habits compounded and gave them momentum towards much bigger goals.

Do something  today that moves you closer to your goal. Once you begin you start to feel differently about how far your goal is ,but more importantly you feel better about yourself too.

You had the courage to admit that you are not happy with an aspect of your life rather than justifying it, that alone is progress towards a better you.

There are two kinds of goals people have; outcome and behavior based goals. An outcome based goal is the end result or goal that you hope to accomplish. An example would be to lose 30 pounds.

The biggest flaw with outcome based goals is that you can’t directly control your accomplishment of them. These goals are the result of many other habits that accomplished day after day.

Behavior based goals on the other hand are the habits you adopt accomplish an outcome based goal.

An example would be I am going to eat five servings of vegetables every day. Behavior based goals are my preferred method to help someone achieve a goal.

One of the most beneficial characteristics of a behavior goal is that you can directly control the goal.You give yourself the opportunity to be successful every single day, and use momentum to your advantage.

I highly encourage anyone out there who has a goal they’ve been thinking about to start today. Pretend tomorrow or Monday isn’t promised to you because truthfully it isn’t.  

The path is going to be a little difficult and scary, but that is the cost of self improvement and being stronger version of yourself.

As you accomplish these small goals and develop habits you will develop your own resistance to getting off the path and become stronger for dealing with the challenges. Start today, your future self will thank you for it.

Fill out the form below if you’re looking for a coach who can help you adopt the simple habits necessary to reach your health, fat loss or muscle building goals.

These habits are based on getting you to your goal in a sustainable fashion that can be maintained, while keeping you accountable along the way.

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Why Diets Fail and How To Succeed

Habits That Stick

A large part of the reason  most people are not  able to follow a plan is they have not developed  habits that stick.

When I say habits that stick I am referring to the default habits that contribute to long term success.

These sticky habits become the new default to fall back on. With continued growth new set points will be achieved closer to the goal.

There are going to be steps backwards, but the person continues moving forward  because they have a new setpoint to work from. They know their goal is only met by moving forward each day.

Everyone these days is on a diet or doing a thirty day challenge, but what happens after that diet or thirty day challenge ends ?

They have reached the top of the mountain after thirty days, but have not built the habits to support this way of life for an extended period of time. Because the habits have not been built people typically return to their default habits.

This is typically where the wheels come off the wagon and there is a binge. The binge results in a return to the old default habits, and weight gain happens again.

After feeling guilty for going back to their old habits the person goes on another diet or thirty day challenge and cycle is repeated.

Each time a person goes through this weight loss and gain cycle they become more metabolism adapts better making fat loss more difficult.

Naturally the person thinks they need to restrict calories further and exercise more, but that is only digging a deeper hole. This cycle is  dangerous  mentally and physically.

When The Perfect Ruins The Good 

If the only thing you have been for the past twenty fives days is perfect and suddenly you slip up. That air of perfection is out the window, and your hashtag privileges are revoked on instagram I hear.

Short term goals should be easy right ?  why couldn’t I be perfect for a month ? insert the other common negative self talk here.This   fosters a very negative mindset, and can create unnecessary stress around food.

I always tell my nutrition clients, we aiming for progress not perfection. Think of achieving  a goal like a run,  it is a marathon not a sprint. You learn a lot from the journey to your goal.

Managing small setbacks allows you to handle larger setbacks with a positive mindset to keep moving forward.

Evolutionary Software

Biologically  humans are not hardwired for long term goals. Our survival from an evolutionary standpoint was regulated moment to moment.

Your physiology is only concerned with keeping you breathing and living until the next moment, hoping you will procreate if you are healthy enough.  

You body only cares about the short term because as hunter gatherers you could  potentially die at any moment. The system that regulates this is the fight or flight stress response.

It is responsible for making sure you get out of that stressful situation alive at any cost necessary to the body. To make the stress hormones needed to ensure your survival your body steals the precursors to all the other hormones. Sorry but low testosterone doesn’t matter if you are dead.

This short term hard wiring is also why you crave sweet foods.The sweet foods provide the feedback to your primal brain that this is a safe, dense source of energy.

We get the signal to eat as much of this food as possible , because it won’t be around for very long once the seasons change.

These are the kind of short term hard wiring that helped our species evolve, however this is not the best system for managing long term goals.

A Better Approach

Make sure that the habit you are adopting is small enough that you can not fail. It should almost be insulting how simple it is.

Instead of trying to complete the habit seven days a week start with  three days a week, think marathon not sprint. Build up over time and work your way up to seven days. Don’t try to start the race the race at the finish line.

The beauty of this approach is that  there is no end date or  abrupt ending. When these challenges and diets end they leave people without another path to follow except another thirty day challenge or diet.

The habit based approach to  health is focused on compacting all the small changes into something much bigger, and learning from the journey along the way. The longer path may be windy and difficult to stay on at times, but it will take you much further if you stay on it.

There is no judgement or perfection prioritized. It is about progress pure and simple. People experiencing smaller struggles and setbacks along the way helps to develop a stronger constitution and an ability to  handle larger challenges.

Keep  yourself accountable to someone else. Enlist a friend to help keep you on track or have them complete the habits with you.

Things such as sending picture messages or making a facebook group can be great for accountability. There are also habit tracking apps as well.

Once you have a habit down and it becomes autopilot, it is time to adopt  a new habit. With my clients I have noticed that most people do very well with a new habit every two weeks.

If a habit is more challenging, lay the groundwork for an extra week to make sure it is solidified before moving forward.

To make sure the habits stay interesting and things don’t get boring  cycle between nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress management. If every habit you adopt is related to nutrition it is much easier to burn out and lose interest. Make improvement to all areas of your life to reap the health benefits.

If you’re tired of working hard, and not getting the results you want, I can help you adopt the simple habits necessary to reach your health or fat loss goals.

These habits are based on getting you to your goal in a sustainable fashion that can be maintained. I’ll be there every step of the way to support and keep you accountable.  

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Are You Chasing The Magic Bullet ?

There is very a popular idea in the fitness and health industry that “miraculous” shortcuts exist. These shortcuts  require little to no effort, but  produce remarkable results.

This is the magic bullet theory that we have been sold. The magic bullet rests on the idea that there is one exercise, superfood or supplement can transform your body composition and dramatically improve your health. 

This style of thinking about health and fitness leads people  down a path that always ends in frustration and confusion.

The idea of the magic bullet also leaves people looking for the easy route and shortcuts or hacks  instead of working hard and showing dedication to something they value. 

The instant gratification we all experience is more the norm than the exception. We want fast results and immediate gratification with as little work as possible.There is endless information at our fingertips twenty four hours a day.

We can stay in our car and pay for food through a through window. We are impatient  and want all the results as quick as possible with as little work as we can get away with.

There no surprise we treat our health and fitness the same way. There is always the next big supplement, superfood or fitness hack that allows you to opt out of the hard work. I don't think we should cut corners when it comes to our health. 

Frankly there is no valid shortcut, hack or magic bullet when it comes to optimal health. If there was a magic bullet someone besides the infomercial guy at midnight selling fat burning supplements would know.  

There absolutely are more efficient and intelligent ways to train and fuel your body. The missing part of the shortcut that no ones discusses is dedication, hard work and consistency. The magic bullet is just that: dedication and consistency.

Somewhere along the way as a society we learned to shy away from hard work. Getting uncomfortable and putting the time in to get what you deserve became viewed as a bad thing.

Every kid gets a trophy these days, and this is leading to a skewed perception of real life and how the world really works. 

The fact in life is  not everyone gets a trophy for their efforts. Some folks are just going to be stronger, more attractive and smarter.

This is the way the genetic cookie crumbles, your genetics are not a choice, but hard work and persistence  is a choice you make everyday!

 From successful business owners to phenomenal athletes who are asked about their path to greatness, they all share something in common: Hard work and staying consistent day after day, whether they felt like it or not.

No one has ever achieved something amazing because they found the shortcut, hack or easy route. As long as each day you commit to getting better and showing up you are on the path towards a better version of yourself.

The best part is to transform your body or health you don’t need to buy anything. You just need to make the decision that you are ready and committed to changing what you are not happy with.

Being dedicated and making changes is going to be difficult at first. It will feel like you HAVE to go to sleep earlier, eat cleaner or  hit the gym after work.

Your focus  will be on what you have to give up for these new habits. When these habits become part of your life you longer think about, the mind starts to shift and something interesting happens.

You start to view these habits as something you GET to do. You begin to think about what you are gaining from these habits. You start to build your own resistance to those temptations, and  you gain momentum heading towards a better version of yourself.

If your goal is to get as healthy as humanly possible and reach your fitness goals  I am going to give you the recipe to achieve this  below this will require dedication and being consistent, but these are the true magic bullets:

Eat nutrient dense whole foods that improve your health , and consume these foods everyday. Eat enough food to support your daily activity level and reach your goals.

Match your activity level to your food intake. Eat  less of the foods that you know are holding you back from reaching your goals.

If you are eating a squeaky clean paleo diet, but are still  eating a full jar of almond butter every two days be honest with yourself about your negative habits.

Exercise intelligently and  consistently. Do not be afraid to work hard and feel some discomfort, this is where you will grow physically and mentally.

When you exercise strive to work harder than you did yesterday. Be honest about where you are in your fitness journey and realize too much and too little exercise are sides of the same coin

.Find a good middle ground between pushing yourself and throwing up during your workout. 

Sleep 8-9 hours every night in a pitch black cool room. Sleep will help with any health or fitness related goal.

You will not always hit the mark on this, but make it a priority and shoot for the 8-9 hour mark. Even if this means you spend this much time in bed get in the habit of being in bed earlier and getting away from electronics. 

Develop a stress management practice that you enjoy and can stick with long term. It doesn’t have to be fancy: go for a morning walk, think of five things you’re grateful for or create a vision of what you want your day to look like, meditate, or go to a yoga class.

Get deep into your thoughts and away from electronics and other people if you can.

Take time to recover from exercise and work on mobility. We all sit too much and our poor movement patterns reflect this, it will only get worse unless you work on it.

Recovery and mobility work improves training and everyday movement. Greater mobility allows you  move efficiently and work harder in the gym while staying pain free.

Move more often throughout the day. We are designed to move at various levels of intensity throughout the day.

The time spent in the gym is relatively short and intense. Many of us are missing the other end of the spectrum which is low intensity movement. Take movement breaks and stretch, go for walks or hikes, sit in a squat position for a bit or roll around on a foam roller. 

If you do the above things consistently, frequently and for as long as you can, your health, fitness and body composition will speak for itself. This is as far from the magic bullet as you can get. No miracles, hacks or shortcuts to be found here. 

It is simple but it is not easy, and will require sacrifice. Nothing worthwhile comes easy, and your health is worth while.

When it comes to your health I urge you to stop looking for the magic bullet, hack or shortcut and realize, you know what needs to be done. Start today with one better decision and begin building momentum towards better health.

If you’re tired of working hard, and not getting the results you want, I can help you adopt the simple habits necessary to reach your health or fat loss goals.

These habits are based on getting you to your goal in a sustainable fashion that can be maintained. I’ll be there every step of the way to support and keep you accountable.  

Get on a Strategy Call with me to Discover how to achieve your health or fat loss goals, and make them yours to keep this time around.

Whether you decide to work with me or not I can guarantee you will leave this call with more knowledge on how to achieve your goals.

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