What to do about your nutrition self sabotage ?

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I was having a conversation

with a client of mine  who

after years

has gotten off the yo yo diet

roller coaster

She’s happier, more confident,

leaner is wearing clothes she

thought she’d never fit back in



On our call this week she

started to show the signs of

self sabotage creeping In


certain small things were

tripping her up each week

social situations, giving in to

certain comments about

how she was eating from


On our call I was honest

about what i saw happening

she paused and said “damn,

you’re right, I’ve totally missed


The dangerous part was it

wasn’t a big event or blow

out she was experiencing

It was small slips ups on a

consistent basis that she

was justifying that slowed

down her progress...a lot

You see this form of self

sabotage is way more


because it can fly

underneath the radar

and not seem “big”

I asked her a question

that may seem funny

to most

“Is there anyone in your

life whether knowingly

or not that makes you

feel guilty about your

success with weight loss”

“My family, they’ve all

always struggled with

their weight and make

comments when I eat

around them”


She was self sabotaging

because she felt like an

outsider around her family

and guilty about her weight

loss success

I chatted with her about her

why she began this weight

loss journey with me

How her regaining wasn’t

going to help her family,

she’s the example they


Her family needs to see it’s

possible to change and turn

over a new leaf

and she can’t help them

if she’s in the same position

as them either

You see this kind of self

sabotage is actually really

common in weight loss

But most will never climb

out of it during their


because they don’t have

someone who will be honest

with them and help them

course correct

If you know you’ve been

there and never want

to be there again

Disappointed, frustrated

and feeling stuck in the

exact same cycle for the

billionth time...

And you’re ready to become

A better example for yourself

and your family…

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