Why I want you to break your fat loss diet...

Yesterday I got off a call with a client

and he mentioned he’s been feeling

more fatigue and less energy in training,

His hunger has been up a bit, and his

cravings have been through the roof!

On top of all that his progress had

slowed down too


I knew this was coming and we’d

chatted about it a month ago to

prepare him ahead of time.  

It was time to implement a “diet

break”, and you may be thinking

^^“Alex, what’s a diet break ?”^^

After you’ve been dieting for a bit

your metabolism and hormones

start to adapt to burn fewer calories.

Your body loves being efficient ,

Which is great  for survival, but

not great for fat loss...

So your body makes you tired and

fatigued to prevent excess movement,

because that movement burns calories.

Your hunger and cravings increase

to try to make to eat more and regain

the  weight you’ve lost.

There’s more specific questions I ask

my clients but those are the main

bullet points.

To reverse this I brought my clients

calories backup to maintenance eating

more carbs and fats.

We’ll stay here for 2-4 weeks depending

on how well he responds.

Then when we come back to a fat loss

phase he’s burning more calories,

hormonally and metabolically healthier

and psychologically feeling refreshed


If you think you need a diet break, or

are confused about the next step


with your nutrition click HERE

and lets chat to see what the best

way to get you lasting results is.