Why knowledge is not power [controversial]

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If you're not where you want to be in

your weight loss and nutrition goals 

You don't need more information… 

If more information was the answer,

you'd have already  achieved your

Weight loss goals already

Information is more abundant and easier

Than ever to come by, but as a society

We’re in worse shape than ever... 

More information in my humble opinion

is a form of procrastination, disguised. 

You have all the information you could

ever need about nutrition and

Weight loss, right at your fingertips

Yet you continue to procrastinate in

Your weight loss goals...


what you're lacking is accountability,

support and a plan that matches

your lifestyle

A plan and approach that actually

makes you believe that you can

finally be successful in this journey 

You don't believe that you’ll  succeed

because you’ve failed multiple times

In the past.

So you’re always looks for more

Information instead of taking action

And getting results.

You’re feeling stuck, frustrated and

Confused about what you should be


You’re feeling extremely unconfident

everyday.. And it shows

You’re tired of your clothes never

fitting right…

and highlighting the areas on your

body you’re embarrassed of

You just want to feel comfortable and

Confident in your skin

Inside my Evolved Coaching Program

You’ll get the best weight loss results

You’ve ever gotten before

While boosting your confidence, and  

That embarrassment of clothes not fitting

Right, it melts away because you need to buy

New clothes and stop swimming in the old

Ones that are too big..

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Alex “Action over information” McMahon