We almost cancelled it

daily musings (2).png

This week I had a nutrition talk

booked at a local gym and the

day of we almost canned it..

The day before it dumped snow

Here in Denver to the tune of

5 inches in a day...

The next day while the snow

Dumping there was now ice

On the roads

School was canceled for the


Myself and the gym owner

Texted back and for a bit

About cancelling the talk

“Could it really be that

bad out on the roads”…

We didn’t cancel the

Talks, and good thing


The roads weren’t bad

At all, and the talk was

A ton of fun and we had

A great  turn out!

But ^^^

We almost cancelled the

Talk at the first sign of

Anything going wrong..

I’m sure there’s a ton of you

Who can relate to this with

losing weight and nutrition

At the first sign of anything

Not going to plan you’re

Ready to jump ship and

Start over on Monday  

Or try  to find a new approach

All together…

This common problem is what

I help my badass clients solve

Inside my  Evolved Coaching


We solve your weight loss


We include the foods you love

To eat…

We’re here for the support and

Accountability to keep you

On the road!

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