This boiled my blood!

daily musings (1).png

I saw a post on Instagram

that made me want to reach

through my phone and grab

this guy by the neck, not in a

nice way either…

Aggressive right ?

Hear me out…

This guy has 83K followers on


And had the audacity in one of

His posts to say

“people who are overweight or

Obese just don’t have the work

Ethic as those who are leaner”

“Because they don’t have a

Good work ethic they don’t burn

As many calories as someone

who’s leaner…

He clearly has zero understanding of

How the human body works

or what It’s like to struggle with your


Because neither of those are true…

People who are heavier actually

burn more calories daily due to

Weighing more...

And some of my clients who are

Are heavier or have been on

the verge of obesity are the hardest

Workers I know...

The sad part is this guy also

offers Nutrition coaching.

BUT clearly doesn’t understand

Or have empathy for the fact

For a lot of people it’s not

As simple as eat less and move

More, there’s a lot of underlying

Habits, emotions and identity

That contributes to this problem

For people…

and while it bums me out to

see that guy  offers nutrition

Coaching it makes me

Prouder of what we do inside

My Evolved Coaching Program

To help clients get amazing results

While also reclaiming their

Confidence and eating the foods

They love.

Whenever you’re ready click

HERE to apply to join us inside the

Evolved Coaching Program.

Alex “Boiled Blood” McMahon

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