How many grams of sugar ?

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Yesterday  I set up a table

At a local gym.

I had the usual, a free nutrition

Guide and business cards but..

What got the most attention was

The free protein bars I offered

The number one questions was

“How many grams of  sugar do

These have ?”  

I explained that  the bar had

3 grams of sugar, but  that isn’t

Why I  chose it…

People gave me a perplexed

Look and asked.. “Why did you

Choose it then ?”

Well it has 190 calories, 20 grams

Of protein and 25 grams of carbs

And it tastes great, unlike so many

Protein  bars on the market lol

I said “I looked past  the grams

Sugar to assess the bar as a whole

Like you should be doing with your

Nutrition, you see people get  to

Narrowly focused, as a result

They miss the big picture.

Because you place a focus on

The less important details your

Results suffer...

When you zoom out  and look at

Your  nutrition as a whole, you can

See the big things hurting your weight


This big picture view is exactly what  

We emphasize inside my Evolved

Coaching Program.

Yes I’m here to help you lose weight,

And regain your confidence but..

It’s about a lot more than just that...

You’re feeling stuck, frustrated and

Confused about why you lose and

Regain the same 20 pounds..

You’re feeling extremely unconfident


You’re tired of your clothes never

fitting right,

and highlighting the areas on your

body you’re embarrassed of

You just want to feel comfortable and

Confident in your skin

Inside my Evolved Coaching Program

You’ll get the best weight loss results

You’ve ever gotten before

While boosting your confidence, and  

That embarrassment of clothes not fitting

Right, it melts away because you need to buy

New smaller clothes that fit just how you


Whenever you’re ready reply to this email

with “Coaching” in the subject line and I’ll

get you all the details.

Alex “Big Picture” McMahon

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