How The Contrast Effect Is Ruining Your fat loss...

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You’ve all been there, crushing it in you fitness and fat loss journey, your hitting your workouts, eating a varied calorie controlled diet and you’re starting to see changes in your body.

You get excited because what you’re doing is working and you can see and feel the changes...

Then you see someone online, likely on instagram who’s leaner and has the body you want  in your own eyes.

You scroll down a bit and see all the pictures of the delicious foods they eat like doughnuts and burgers they can fit into their nutrition plan and still stay lean.

IMMEDIATELY you start to feel worse about your successes and wins you’ve had.

Almost instantly you forget about all your own accomplishments like they never happened at all…

This is the contrast effect in play, and it can easily send you down a slippery slope in your health and fitness.

The contrast effect is when we judge something to be beautiful, expensive or large or exceptional compared to something in front of us that’s unexceptional, small or cheap.

That sounds harsh, but let’s be honest a lot of you are on a fitness journey to feel better and more confident about yourself, because you currently don’t feel that way.

The problem is if you give too much attention to other people’s results, and compare yourself you automatically start to feel worse about what you’ve achieved so far.

The crazy thing is your results and accomplishments haven’t changed at all, but you perceptions about them has because you’re now comparing them to someone else

The contrast effect in fitness and nutrition causes you to compare these massive mind blowing transformations, to your everyday.

It’s like comparing the highlight reel of someone else’s life to your behind the scenes everyday life.

You see those crazy before and after photos with ab veins, and compare that to your daily changes which now seem so slow and insignificant.

This makes you think you’re not kicking as much ass, but this isn’t at all true. Your mind is playing massive tricks on you at the moment.

Rest assured in between those crazy transformation photos that person felt like you feel right now, but you don’t see that you only see the start contrast between the photos.

That same person had the incremental changes, stalls and plateaus on their journey too, you just don’t see them.

The reality is those incremental changes, and the patience to break and plateau or stall  are what gets you to your goal.

Don’t worry about anyone else’s rate of progress…. You’re not them, and they’re not you.

Apples and oranges my friend.

Especially when you use it as a means to put yourself down and diminish your accomplishments.

Don’t look at anyone else’s journey or results and use that as a means to diminish your own, because that’s not fair to you!

Keep showing up every day and do the best that you can, the only way you’re ever a failure in this journey is if you give up all together.

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Not seeing the results....

Feeling stuck and not sure what to do…

Tired of feeling deprived and hungry....

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