Is Your diet A Sunk Cost ?

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I was at the gym a few weeks ago chatting with a “gym buddy” between exercises. You know exactly what I mean what I say a “gym buddy.”

He always seemed to catch me on days at the gym when I just wasn’t feeling it. As we were chatting about those kind of days he told me about his trip to the gym last week when he just wasn’t feeling it.

He had a lot of life stress, not enough sleep, long days and tight deadlines at work which left him feeling off at the gym all week.

You know the kind of week we’re talking about, you’re just at the gym to check the box and not much more.

He told me he showed up at the gym one day and started with a few sets  bench press. Each set he felt progressively worse and weaker.

He sat back up from his last set and said to himself “not today” grabbed his gym bag left the gym to head home and relax.

I thought to myself “that’s brilliant.”

The brilliant part about his decision was he didn’t fall into the sunk cost fallacy.

The sunk cost fallacy is the idea that the more energy, money or time you put into something the more invested you become in it, even if it doesn’t get the results you want.

You stay invested because of the past energy, time, beliefs etc you put into it.

My “gym buddy” took the time and energy to show up to the gym last week, but quickly realized it wasn’t going to give him the results he wanted and cut his workout short.

That was the right move.

Where I see the sunk cost fallacy with most people is in relation to a specific diet they’re following.  

You’ve likely tried a specific diet and had some initial fat loss success so you stick with that diet.

That’s obviously a logical decision… but  

Unfortunately down the road those results stop coming…

But because that diet got you results in the beginning and you identify with that diet (keto, vegan, paleo) you continue to eat that way without results.

All while thinking  “it worked in the past and I’ve put this much time and energy into it, maybe things will pick up”

It won’t.

You logically know that, but fear that you’ve invested this much time and energy and it will go to waste if you call it quits now.

If you’re not seeing results and you’re honestly following the plan, and only feeling more frustrated and confused with your nutrition then you’re wasting far more energy staying invested than if you tossed the towel.


Try a new approach, there’s literally nothing to lose.

Maybe you give a lower carb diet a shot since you’ve never done that before.

Try counting your calories and macros to see if you’re eating more than you think.

If you always feel overly restricted, then end up overeating then give flexible dieting a whirl to see if it fits better.

You might not enjoy breakfast, and know that late night eating is where you fall short, give intermittent fasting a shot.

There’s a ton of different paths to your goals with nutrition and fitness, anyone who tells you they have the one way for you to make progress if full of shit.

It might take a few tries to find the right path for you, but when it clicks you’ll know it.

If you’re ready to stop feeling frustrated, confused and like your fat loss journey is always an uphill battle you can’t win then click HERE and let’s chat about your goals and how we can get you the results you know you deserve!