I Asked “Did You Overeat By 10,500 Calories ?”

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This last week I was chatting with a nutrition client on the phone who was feeling frustrated that  the scale was three pounds heavier than a few days before…

I could hear the frustration and anxiety in her voice.

I asked her “ Did you overeat by 10,5000 calories this week ?”

She replied “ No, of course not!”

Now I knew she hadn’t gained three pounds of body fat.

Before we chatted I looked at her food log for the week, and she was on point with everything, so now my goal was to support and educate her on what was really going on.

“We know it takes roughly 3,500 calories to create a pound of body fat, and you didn’t eat 10,500 extra calories so know its not body fat. What else do you think could be causing the scale to be higher today”

I knew why her scale weight was up, but I wanted her to understand  the difference between weight fluctuations on the scale and body fat.

Most importantly how you can gain weight, but still be in a calorie deficit and losing body fat... 

She said “ I’ve been pretty stressed at work and home, and I had a few meals out, but they were built into my plan so I know those  didn’t cause me to go over my calorie targets”

“Yeah, you’re doing absolutely great with hitting your targets, and we have those meals built in to make sure we keep you on course. At these meals out,  were they different from how you normally eat?”

She replied “Yeah the meals had more carbs, and a lot more salt I think”


We spent the next five minutes discussing how stress, more carbs and salt can cause her to hold more water which leads to a higher scale weight.

Again weight, not body fat.  

I could hear the light bulb go off once she was picking up what I was putting down

“Yeah that makes total sense, the carbs, salt and stress together made my body hold onto more water, and that's why the scale is up three pounds”

Bingo number two!

I said “Give it three days and let me know where we’re at, I bet you’ll be right back where you were”

Two days later she texted me letting me know she was right back on track, and actually a pound lighter than before!

You see a big part of my job as a nutrition coach is to help people structure their nutrition plan in a way that takes their lifestyle into account to achieve their fat loss goals. 

But another less spoken about aspect of  nutrition coaching is helping clients to understand the process we're going through together to get them to their goals.

This also encompasses support and accountability while teaching them the principles behind their goals, and removing as much confusion as possible. 

I want everyone to feel more empowered and less confused on their health and fat loss journey, because once you understand the principles of your goals you'll have the solution to your problem.

Once you have and understand the solution you don't need any more ebooks, special diets or nutrition coaches, and you're free to resume enjoying food shame and guilt free. 

I'll help you learn and implement those principles and strategies to reach your goals. We'll remove the food restrictions and you'll learn all you need to know so you can get back to living and stop worrying about nutrition. 

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