Are You Becoming The Hero They Need ?

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The reality is you have people that depend on you, look up to you and use you as an example.

I’m sure anyone with kids and a family knows this all to well… do your kids ever copy that one word or behavior you wish they wouldn’t in public ? haha

You are the hero to them, and to a lot of other people in your life.

These people look up to you and want to be like you, and hold you in high regard.

What signal does it send to them for you to continue to ignore your own health and fitness ?

To shit talk yourself in the mirror because you have a little extra body fat...

To constantly be on another diet because the last one didn’t work

To say you’re going to get healthier, but never actually go all in and make it happen...

If you’re not making your own fitness and health a priority the chances of you showing up looking, feeling and performing your best in everyday life for those who need you to be their hero is very low...


You’ve been telling yourself you need to more research... You've been researching for the past 6-12 months and in the back of your mind you know you’re using the “more research” excuse for not getting started on your goals.

Getting results with your fitness is not about another blogs, podcasts, IG post, facebook or youtube video… in fact those likely leave you more confused the more you consume.

Information is not the missing link here, you and I both know that right ?

Change is scary, we can all admit that.

It’s uncomfortable to think we are going to do something we’re not used to doing.

I want you to consider that if you live a life every single day where you’re not comfortable in your own skin, and aren’t feeling confident then that is much scarier than change.

Living that life is not being the hero those people in your life need you need to to be...

If you continue to wait to prioritize your health we both know you’ll stay right where you are, with no change.

 You’ll think yourself into doing nothing at all for months and years continuing to say " I'll start Monday, or there's a birthday this week, I'll start after."

You never do get started though... and those around you who need you to be at your best continue to suffer because you're not leading by example. 

You say one thing, then do another... that's not how the hero they need you to be acts..

6 months from today just imagine where you could be and how you would feel if you decided to start making changes and taking control of your life, not Monday. 


But if you do nothing you’ll feel the exact same way you feel while reading this blog.

I get reading this may have you feeling a little triggered, but realize to not step up to the plate and be the hero for others means you’re missing out on so much more than just a smaller pants size or a lower number on the scale...

Imagine being being able to exercise how you want, or play with your kids pain free and not feel self conscious about how your body looks when doing so…

Think about going on long hikes and day trips with friends and family without wondering if you can “make it”

What about setting a better example for your own family than your parents did for you, and teaching them about health and nutrition...

Not passing on your body image issues and negative relationship with food to your kids and teaching them about balance…everyday and sometimes foods.

Avoiding preventable diseases that your family members have, and will soon impact you if you don’t make a change...

All of the above are real life reasons nutrition clients of mine chose to stop hitting the pause button and start taking action!

One commonality is they all wished they had started sooner instead of putting it off their health.

Partly because they wanted to look and feel better, but they also realized that they need to lead by example for their own kids, family members and those depend on them.

Notice one thing among all those reasons for wanting to get healthier… there wasn’t a single mention of scale weight, dress size or body fat percentage.

These people all wanted to live a better life, enjoy times with family and friends and be the role model they never had.  

Yeah you need to want to do it for yourself, because you deserve better than you currently have, but an even bigger reason is those around who are depending on you need you to be at your best.

Will you be that role model that others need you to be ?

Do you feel like you’re currently showing up as the best you for those in your life ?

If the answer is no it means somewhere in there you have that inner hero that you’ve been ignoring, that others need you need to become, and it’s time to take action and  make that changes...

Everyone needs a hero in their life, will you be that hero for your family, kids and those that need you step up ?

If you know you haven’t been the hero those in your life deserve, and you’re ready to start taking action and showing up as your best self for those in your life then click HERE so I can learn more about you and your goals, and decide if you’d be a good fit for the Evolved Nutrition community!