Why You’ve Been Lied To For A Long Time About Nutrition…

Why You’ve Been Lied To About Nutrition FOR A LONG TIME….png

For so many years I was in the exact same boat as you, misinformed and following all the overly restrictive nutrition rules.

I did absolutely everything the muscle and fitness magazines said to do to lose fat and build muscle.

I was planning to get jacked and lean for the first time in my life. I got all the powders and potions, planned out all my meals and workouts for the week.  

I followed the meal plans, did the workouts and took the supplements exactly as I was told to in the magazines and videos.

I would prep all my meals, and bring them to my ex girlfriends house when I’d stay there, no wonder we’re not together anymore haha.

I used to even take is as far as to bring egg whites in an extra thick ziplock bag so I could microwave them for breakfast in the morning before going to work.

As ridiculous as it sounds now, back then it all made sense and I was putting in the work.

The results… I just got fatter and never saw improvements in the way I looked in the mirror.

I thought “what the fuck man, I’m working too hard, and eating too many of those shitty microwaved eggs whites to not be getting results.”

So when you say you’re working hard and not seeing results, my soggy egg whites ziplock bag and I get where you’re coming from.

It wasn’t until I went against everything I thought I knew about nutrition, and stopped following all the advice in the magazines that I started to see results and got leaner.

The reality is what you need to get results and lose fat is simpler than you’ve been told, not more complex.

Complexity is what the fat loss and fitness industry sells you because a simple answer doesn’t have a lot of resale potential.

If you get the answer to your problem now you can solve it for yourself, and you don’t need that meal plan or BCAA’s that don’t do anything.  

The problem is when you feel desperate, confused and like you’re just spinning your wheels not getting anywhere it’s easy to think there’s a magic bullet you’ve missed, but you haven’t.

There is no magic bullet friends…

But there is having a nutrition plan that you actually enjoy following because it’s been

customized to your wants and needs, and includes the foods you love eating.

To make your nutrition sustainable it has to include thes non negotiables that make you happy and enrich your life.. Date night with your spouse, ice cream with the kids, or a few drinks with your friends.

You don’t have to be so overly restrictive and give up a big part of your life that you love just to see a smaller number on the scale and a few extra curves in your body.

You need to have a plan to follow, and consistently execute on that plan with the support and accountability to stick with your goal.

I’m not going to lie and tell you it’s always going to be easy because there is going to be rough patches, and there are going to be bumps in the road.

But if you’ve been stuck not making any progress for months on end you’ve been living in a rough patch but it’s just become normal.

If you’re ready to step out of the rough patch and start making progress while eating foods you enjoy and getting the support and accountability to finally get lasting results, Click HERE so we chat about your goals and how I can help.