Is Fat Loss What You Really Want ? Probably Not…

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You’re likely thinking “Alex what the hell are you talk about ? of course I want to lose body fat!”

“I’ve struggled with fat loss for years, I’ve tried all the diets under the sun, have been confused, frustrated and overly restrictive”

“I counted every grain of rice I ate, and every calorie”

“I did the intense workouts, extra cardio and tracked how many steps I took each day.”

But I’m guessing even with all that you still didn’t  get results that you were happy with.

No matter what number you saw on the scale or how you looked in the mirror, something was missing.

Fat loss is difficult and absolutely requires dedication and patience

However fat loss doesn’t mean jack shit on it’s own if there isn’t a meaning behind it.

Let me explain…

You think you want fat loss..

In reality what you’re chasing is what you think fat loss will give you as a person, and make your life better.  

Will  fat loss will give you...

Confidence ?

Self esteem ?

Accomplishment for doing something difficult ?

Feeling less judged ?

Setting a better example for your kids ?

Being healthier so you can show up for others ?

Not wanting to die early or have health issues as you age ?

Breaking the cycle of being overweight in your family tree ?

Prevention of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease..

Those answers above are all real life examples from clients I’ve worked.

They got honest about why they really wanted to lose body fat, and a result they did!

The reason you’ll continue to stumble and fall flat on your face with fat loss isn’t with fat isn’t the macros, calories or what diet you haven’t done yet.

What you’re chasing is hollow..

You haven’t been honest with yourself about what you really want, and why fat loss matters beyond the surface level.

And that’s why your nutrition always falls apart when you face a fat loss stall, plateau or challenge

You end up giving up, and  go back to your old habits that got you here in the first place.

You could have a great method, but until you get the mindset pieces down you’ll struggle.


If you want to achieve fat loss so you feel more confident in your own skin, set a better example for your children and show them what’s possible… that’s a very different reason to change than getting abs.  

When you discover your honest and vulnerable why behind your fat loss goals, then the  how part of the equation becomes simple.

If you’re interested in simplifying your fat loss, and are tired of spinning your wheels, putting in the work and never seeing the results you deserve then it’s time for a new approach.

An approach that fits your nutrition to you lifestyle, doesn’t make you feel overly restricted with food and allows you to stop fearing food, and get back to enjoying it.

Click HERE, fill out the form and let’s discuss the best way to get you results in way that finally lasts and fits your lifestyle without stressing you out!