You’re Not That Fragile...

You're not that fragile.png

You’re not that fragile.

Neither am I, and our ancestors were as far from fragile as you can get!

Because if they were too fragile, neither you or I would be here.

Our ancestors just like you and I are built for adapting to stress.

I mean real stress, not the kind when you only have three bars on your cell phone.

Our ancestors didn’t have a granola bar in their pocket because they were afraid of their blood sugar crashing, and getting hangry.

They weren’t guaranteed a well balanced breakfast everyday because they were scared of their metabolism slowing down.

Organic… If you’re hungry enough you’d likely eat dirt in those days.

It was GMO free dirt if you must know though...

Those rustic folks before us didn’t know exactly how many carbs they needed before, or after their workouts.

Their workouts weren't workouts it was to stay alive, not build muscle they don’t actually need to look good in a schmedium T-shirt.

There’s a bit more meaning behind that last rep when it could mean life or death huh ?

What I’m trying to get across here is you view yourself as too fragile, and as a result of this fragile thinking you avoid stresses that help you grow. 

Those mechanisms that once were used for survival are still there but our environment has changed so much that we don't have the same kinds of stresses, so instead we worry about mundane things that don't matter. 

I’m not proposing that we go back to the stone age, but I am saying that from time to time you might need to prove to yourself how resilient you really are. 

Stress is actually good for us, and when you do something stressful or difficult you earn credibility with yourself. 

We grow under stress, not comfort.

Any health or fat loss goal you have is a game of stress causing the adaptations you want to achieve your goal. 

Building muscle… the stress is lifting heavy weight which results in the adaptation to grow more muscle so when you lift again it’s less stressful.

Lose fat… the stress is a calorie deficit, the adaptation is you tap into stored body fat, and over time you lose more and more body fat. 

When something isn't a stress anymore you need to find a way to create new stress to make the body adapt to. 

Without these stresses or stimulus there is no adaptation.

To accomplish what you want in health, fitness or fat loss it’s going to take you getting uncomfortable, and using stress to your advantage. 

If you continue to see yourself as fragile instead of resilient you’’ll crumble when things get a little uncomfortable and stressful. 

This fear of how fragile you imagine yourself will keep you from actually seeking out those stresses to improve your health and fat loss. 

You're too afraid of doing something wrong thinking the result will be far more catastrophic than it will be in reality. 

Your brain plays tricks on you to keep you in the comfort zone where things are easy, not stressful. 

How can you strategically insert some stress into your life to earn credibility with yourself and learn you're not as fragile as you think ? 

Skip a meal from time to time…

Don’t eat breakfast and see that nothing bad happens…

Try a workout on lower carbs…

Used to low rep heavy workouts, go with lighter weight and tons of reps... and vice versa

Do a brutal conditioning session..

Expose yourself to cold showers and the heat of saunas…

Completely change the way you eat for a few weeks...

Or don’t eat and try a 24 hour fast to see that a lot of hunger is mental…

You’re more resilient than you think, and if you keep treating yourself so fragile you’ll never accomplish what you’re truly capable of.

You won’t accomplish your goals without stress.

With the right amount of antifragile thinking though you might just recognize you’re capable of way more than you think.

Once you break your fragile thinking, there’s no turning back!