The Purple Elephant Effect

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After you read the title of this blog you thought about  a purple elephant didn’t you ? 

I Did too. 

Everyone does. 

It's due to the way our brains are wired, but this concept doesn’t just apply to purple elephants. 

In a very real sense this purple elephant concept applies much more directly to your food choices, especially when you create restrictions and forbidden foods.

We all inherently want what’s off limits. 

Or what we try to restrict.. and food is no different. 

This is why some people get stuck in the endless restriction then binge like behavior cycle trap with food, they're living out the purple elephant effect. 

This is why unnecessarily eliminating entire food groups or swearing off certain foods you enjoy when trying to set up your nutrition is leaving you more likely to hit the restart button shortly. 

I’ve seen this time and time again with my nutrition clients... They go keto and their cravings for carbs go through the roof

A new client who was drinking five nights out of the week before we started working together wanted to try cutting out all booze.

Suddenly her sugar and alcohol cravings were much much higher than before. 

If you realize that a food is getting in the way of your nutrition or fat loss goals start by reducing that food first.  

You can still enjoy eating some more indulgent foods in reasonable portions while losing body fat. The majority of your diet should be mostly whole foods though. 

Honestly this flexibility to have these foods within reason, will make your diet significantly more enjoyable and sustainable.

If reducing certain foods isn’t working, and you’re still overeating/drinking it on a consistent basis this is when you’d want to try removing it for a period of time.  

If you jump straight to removing a ton of different foods from your plate you’re likely left with a nutrition structure you won't be following six months from now.  

I had a past client who came to me drinking nine cokes a day, I knew that removing all for those sodas was a recipe for disaster.

So we chatted about him replacing three to four cokes with coke zeros, suddenly he was consistently losing a pound of fat week from that small change.

I honestly don't think he would have been willing to give up all those cokes he was drinking right away  because he'd been doing it for years on end. 

Always think of how you can make your diet more inclusive rather than exclusive of foods.

Reduce, then remove if it's necessary, but here’s no need to remove a food entirely if you enjoy it and can eat it in moderation.