You're Not Broken... You're Just Missing The Right Pieces

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I get it you’ve been through all the different diet, but none of them worked...

Low carb. 

Low Fat..




Weight Watchers......

South Beach……. 

Templated plans……

In the back of your mind even when the diets were helping you to lose weight in the beginning you knew it wasn’t sustainable, because there was always that voice saying

“I can’t eat like this forever" 

I love…Bread

Dinner out with my spouse

Wine or Beer



Ice cream too much to give it up forever. 

Each diet that got you short terms results, but fell apart a month in left you feeling more confused and disempowered because it worked in the beginning then stopped.

It feels like someone jammed the breaks on your fat loss out of nowhere... and you're left thinking

"Not this again!!"

Every new diet that you start and stop makes you more desperate, frustrated and impatient to find one that fixes you. 

But you're not broken. 

The problem is now you have a self fulfilling prophecy in place and regularly think “ no diet will work for me"

or "what's the point, I know this isn't going to work"

And you’re right.

Self Sabotage.png

Because you unconsciously engage in self sabotage behavior. 

1-2 months into your diet you begin to self sabotage your progress. 

This could be going completely off track with your nutrition at the first sign you don’t see the scale going down. 

You also find mini ways to deviate from your nutrition on a consistent basis with the idea that "oh it's just one handful of m&m's, just 2 glasses of wine, 2 cookies or a bowl of ice cream. 

Eventually you start to think, I'm following the plan what the hell.. I’m just broken and no diet will works for me. 

I’m here to tell you that you’re not broken, you just haven’t found the right pieces of a diet that work for you personally.   

And I'm offering a helping hand out the diet quicksand you’ve felt stuck in for years. 

One of the biggest mistakes I see people just like you making with their diets is always trying to fit their lifestyle to their diet.

Thats a losing equation that eventually falls apart

 But know this first hand because it’s what you’ve been living for years: 

You go keto, but you love carbs… 

You tried cleanses, but you like eating foods outside green juices and raw veggies

You tried a templated plan, but you needed something more than a PDF to keep you on track.  

At the end of the day you need to enjoy the way you eat, and have it work with your lifestyle, not against it to see long term progress.. non negotiable. 

Putting the right pieces together what you need to be successful, and that’s what you and I are going to do together for the rest of this blog...

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What Are Your Non Negotiables ?

You need to define the events or routines in your life around food that would be a deal breaker if you missed out on them due to a diet. 

You enjoy these events and they transcend just the food, they make you feel connected and closer with loved ones.

Date night with your significant other ?

Ice cream on Sundays with your kids ?

Wine with the girls on Saturday ?

Beer with the guys during Sunday football ?

These are just a few my nutrition clients non negotiables that we build into their nutrition plan but you need to define these for yourself. 

  • Do This: Define your weekly non negotiables

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What Worked In The Past That You Enjoyed And Why ?

The last few years of diets you've tried can really tell us a lot of valuable information. 

We specifically want to look at what diets you followed that were you the most SUCCESSFUL with, and  ENJOYED.

A diet that allows you to enjoy how you eat, and helps you achieve health and fat loss is the winning combination. 

Maybe you were successful and liked a low carb diet because you enjoy fattier foods

What if the point system in Weight Watchers gave you a system to use that you liked, and it wasn't so overly restrictive. 

Whole30 made you finally eat enough protein, and you really weren’t all that hungry while dieting. 

If we look closely we can learn something from all of these different approaches and why they allowed you to be successful, while enjoying how you ate. 

  • Do This: Write down the top 3-5 diets you’ve the most success with and enjoyed eating that, then ask what about that approach worked and what didn’t work for you ?

Next write down what you liked and didn’t like about each of those diets. 

I know what may seem like a good amount of work, but this is a powerful exercise I take every new client though when we’re building their plan, and use it to make a plan they enjoy and can be successful with. 

It’s worth the time and so is your success!

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Are You Interested In Tracking Calories Or Going Habit Based ?

You might have less than zero interest in tracking calories or macros, and that’s fine, the choice is yours to make. 

Maybe you feel intimidated or had a bad experience with tracking ?

Truth be told it’s much less complex or time consuming than you believe.

I’ve yet to have a client who tracked for a week and didn’t walk away with a lot more awareness and a few big "aha moments" about their food choices and why progress has slowed. 

Tracking doesn’t need to be something that you do everyday, but you're bound to find some sneaky calories that were flying under the radar and stalling your progress. 

If you decide to use the habit based approach, It can be very effective as well.

When building your habits in the beginning,  having a looser approach with some food choice goals and portion guidelines really helps. 

At the end of the day if the goal is fat loss all diets and methods must lead to a calorie deficit… which means burning more calories than you eat or drink. 

The method we choose to get you to your goals whether it's habit based or calorie tracking is a matter of preference really.

To lose fat though, we need to create a deficit. 

  • Do This: Decide whether you’d like to use a habit based or calorie/macro based approach to your fat loss diet ? 

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How Much Change Can You Handle At The Moment ?

The reality is some of you might be ready to jump into the deep end because you can dedicate more energy and attention to dieting. 

On the other hand you might need to start with dipping your toe in the water first because that’s the amount of energy you have to dedicate to this, and that’s fine. 

There's zero judgment. Where you are is just a starting point and your launching pad. 

We also need to be honest though, if you’re toe dipper don’t expect deep end results

If you’re a deep end jumper you do run the risk of burning yourself out much quicker than the toe dipper. 

Ideally we'd develop a nice little middle ground that gets you results, but feels like a lifestyle not another diet going in the “didn’t work pile”

Maybe it's tracking based, but you only look at a calorie target to begin with and after you get comfortable with that you start tracking protein… because you’re likely under eating it and ending up hungry because of it. 

In the habit based realm it could be Instead of trying to adopt 3 habits at once,  you focus on nailing a solid source of protein at each meal and snacks.

Then a few weeks later add in a half a plate of vegetables at every meal. 

Again these are just some examples, and you’ll need to take a few minutes and get realistic about how much change you can manage at the moment without imploding. 

  • Do This: Pull out a sheet of paper and write down a scale of 0-10. Now on that scale pick how much change you can currently take on at the moment, and maintain. 

Be really honest and realistic about how much you can take on at the moment.

I hear from a lot of people who try to do too much too soon, and as a result they end up overwhelmed and giving up early. 

Look at the example above and see which ones you find yourself saying “ I could easily do that”

good that’s what we want!

If you begin to feel overwhelmed though dial things back, don’t totally stop altogether. 

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We Know You Need To Eat More Protein… Now Let’s Talk Carbs Or Fats ?

Your overall fat loss progress will not be impacted by whether you choose a low carb or lower fat diet as long as you can consistently stick to it. 

It’s really a matter of personal preference and enjoyment at the end of the day.

If you have a strong preference for carbs or fats, and pick an approach that lets you eat more of those, then chances are better you'll stick to that diet long term. 

It’s not like you have to pick a side either you don’t have to be #teamcarbs or #teamfats

You can split the difference and have them both equally too the only difference is you’ll just have less wiggle room to make up for going over one or the other by accident. 

I like to treat them like a teeter totter; when carbs go up fats come down. When fats get increased carbs need to be decreased. 

At the end of the day any of the approaches in this blog will work, but you need to be patient enough to stick with it in the long 

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Can I Share A Secret With You ?

Dieting is a game of weight fluctuations… shitty I know. 

Chances are pretty good you let the scale fuck with your head way too much and cause a lot of unhelpful self doubt, and negative emotions. 

Staying patient and not freaking out or getting too excited when scale changes is going to be key. 

If weight drops suddenly because you lost water weight, it might come back up in a few days.  

Not in the form of body fat, but in the form of water retention from carbs, salt, stress, fiber, sleep deprivation, too much exercise, getting sick or hormonal fluctuations.  

Don’t give the scale too much power as it won’t give you the whole story about how your progress is going.


Do progress pictures


Scale weight (it is still useful) 

Biofeedback questions (stress, sleep, hunger etc.) 

This will give you a whole picture view of your true fat loss, not just a number that represents your gravitational pull aka scale weight!

I want to share the message that you’re not broken, even if sometimes you feel like you are. 

You just haven’t found the right pieces yet. 

Client after client I’ve worked with has felt the exact same way as you when we very first started working together. 

Some of them even told me I was their last hope… talk about pressure!

Helping these amazing non broken people I'm lucky to help they realized there is a diet out that will get them long term results, and still allow them to enjoy the food, people and events they missed out on with all the other failed diets.  

Along the way they started to chip away at those self limiting beliefs and self fulfilling prophecies that held them back for years. 

We could do the same for you, click HERE to apply for coaching and lets find those right pieces for you too!