5 Ways To Eat Better & Lose Fat

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People tend to make things overly confusing and too complicated, especially with nutrition.

Stop it.

Every diet works when it helps you to not feel overly deprived and helps you eat less than you’re burning on a consistent basis.

All these fancy diets created by wizards that defy scientific laws only remove the focus from the basics of achieving your goals with nutrition.

Creating a calorie deficit, and making sure to eat plenty of nutrient dense foods are the keystones when it comes to managing appetite and ensuring success with your fat loss.

Sounds too simple right ? That’s why I’ll be breaking down exactly what I  mean below in the blog.

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1. Drink Zero Calories Drink & Have More Water

From digestion, all the way to fullness/hunger management and even athletic performance are all greatly impacted by your hydration.

Water is really one of those things that can improve your health from head to toe.

That knowledge only helps if you execute on it though.

Shoot for roughly half your bodyweight in ounces, and no need to exceed 1 gallon unless you’re an athlete or having other considerations that would make drinking more than a gallon necessary.

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2. Eat More Protein

You’ve heard me go on about this before if you’ve read any of my past blogs  so I won’t labor the point too much.

Time and time again when I get someone to eat enough protein they feel fuller for longer and have reduced cravings, and feelings of want to snack go away.

From a fat loss perspective you’d think protein is the golden goose, well it is if you ask me, and by reading this blog you’re pretty much asking me.

Along with the benefits from a fullness and hunger perspective when you combine eating adequate protein with strength training it helps you to keep more muscle mass.

Now I can call myself out on this one,I used to rant and rave about muscle burning more calories than body fat.

And it does, but when you dig into research it’s not nearly as impressive as imagined.

However by holding on to more muscle while dropping body fat it gives your body that lean and fit look that a lot of you are after.

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3. Eat More Plants

No one ever got less healthy from eating too many vegetables, shoot for at least a half a plate or bowl of veggies at each and every meal.

Fruit has gotten a bad reputation these days, but when eaten in reasonable portions there is nothing wrong with fruit.

It doesn’t cause you to gain body fat, eating more calories than you burn does.

Eat Plants raw in salads.

Cook veggies in scrambles, stir frys or use them as a substitute for rice and pasta at meals.

Eat lots of different colors, textures and shapes to expand your veggie and fruit horizon.

Snack on sugar snap peas, baby carrots or different colored rainbow carrots, apples, oranges or berries.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and are low in calories and filling. Fruit is a good way to satisfy a sweet tooth in a healthy manner.

Eating a whole pint of strawberries will run you a whole 150 calories… see how full you get.

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4. Make Your Diet Mostly Nutrient Dense Unprocessed Foods

These foods are going to support better health and management of appetite while being lower in calories to boot.

They’re much denser in micronutrition and provide the raw materials you need to make everything from your hormones to muscle tissue.

When I say nutrient dense whole foods I’m talking about:

Leaner proteins like eggs, turkey, chicken, salmon, tuna, cottage cheese, greek yogurt

More natural fats like olive oil, egg yolks, avocado, coconut oil, fattier cuts of meat and fish, full fat dairy

Fruits and veggies… really any you would like unless you have an aversion to them

More unrefined carbs like potatoes, rice, quinoa, oats, beans, corn, whole grains if you tolerate them.

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5. Make Things Flexible, Not Rigid

People can be very rigid with their nutrition and exclude all their favorite foods for a short amount of time, but it never ends well.

Not to mention that’s a pretty miserable way to treat your nutrition.

There is a rebound effect with heavy food restriction where all those same foods that were once restricted are eaten in excess,

This is the opposite of what we’re looking to accomplish, which is consistency.

The reality that many people are waking up to with their  nutrition is you can include your favorite foods in reasonable portions in your fat loss plan.

In fact if including these foods allows you to actually stick to your nutrition for a longer period of time because you enjoy how you’re eating rather than going through the one and off mentality, you’ll be in a much better place.

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