It All Went Wrong After I Hit The Snooze…

It All Went Wrong After I Hit The Snooze… (1).png

I get up at 6am every single day, I don’t hit snooze and I don’t go back to bed. Earlier this week I learned just how valuable that is.

I was up later than usual a few nights in a row working on a project, which meant sleep was a little skimpy.

I’ll be honest as soon I got out of bed on Monday I felt so tired you’d have thought my eyelids had weights strapped to them.

I brushed my teeth, splashed cold water in my face and headed back to my room.

That warm bed with clean flannel sheets looked so amazing I told myself  “you can get under the covers for just a second then you need to get up go for your morning walk.”

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Unfortunately I fell back asleep.

Now while this may not be the exact same as hitting the snooze it has the same effect on my day… it created chaos.

As soon as I woke up I could see how light it was outside, and thought “Shit I fell back asleep!”

I  looked at my phone which read 8:23AM, not the 6:05AM I remember right before I fell asleep again.

The whole rest of my day was completely out of whack.

My morning routine was rushed and not remotely calming. My walk was really short and it didn’t provide any time to really think. I skipped my shower.

When I got into my office I barely had any time to journal and had to cut my morning reading all together to prepare for a call with a nutrition client.

I started off the day more than two hours behind, and couldn’t ever seem to catch up and get back on schedule.

No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t catch up, it felt like I was fighting against quicksand all day long.

At the end of the day I was way more exhausted that I normally am, but having accomplished way less than a typical day.

I thought damn that isn’t happening again, I can’t stand the feeling of playing catch up and being behind on my day.

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Now there’s a lot of you who hit the snooze daily on your nutrition and fat loss goals.  

Each year you say it’s going to be different, but you continue to hit the snooze button, and you only get further behind.

As a result of hitting the snooze button on your fat loss goals week after week you only get further behind, and playing catch up feels that much more unsettling.  

Because you’ve gotten in the habit of hitting snooze, when you try to get your nutrition squared away you end up confused and exhausted.

You don’t know what diet to follow, if carbs or fats are bad or if you should go paleo or keto. Wait are sweet potatoes better than white potatoes, or does it even matter ?

As a result of being behind you end up focusing on the wrong with your diet that leads to frustration and then heading back to the snooze button again.

To help you get out of the snooze button mentality I have a special ebook I created  for you.

The free ebook gets you on the path to your fat loss goals and helps you to stop hitting the snooze button.

You’ll learn the top five habits that will allow you to keep eating the foods you love, but lose more body fat than you ever have before and creating sustainable approach to your diet.

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