Can You Have Your Carbs and Eat Fat Too ?

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Which Is Better For Fat Loss Low Carb Or Low Fat ?

Over the years the idea of what the best diet for fat loss is has swung from direction to the other. As a society we’re drawn to extremes, especially those that promise remarkable fat loss results.

This is why the age old debate of low fat diets  versus low carb diets for fat loss is still a topic of debate.

So much so I’m writing a blog on the topic!  

One year people are talking about how you have to eat low fat, and the majority of your diet should be carbs.

Then next year you hear that low carb high fat is the holy grail lose fat, and claims are made there’s  a metabolic advantage to eating this way (there isn’t).

When you go on the internet there’s a convincing argument for either diet.

Both sides have intelligent gurus, and also have studies that help to back up their claims, so who are you to believe ?

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They Both Work Evenly

Both of them, you know how I said that extremes are sexy and get our attention ?

Well the unsexy truth lies in the middle of both diets, because there isn’t one perfect diet for fat loss.

We’ve consumed both carbohydrates and fats since the beginning of time with no negative health outcomes.

There’s many populations all around the world that eat diets very high in carbs with minimal fats.

Then we have other cultures that eat extremely high fat, with very low carbs and even limited vegetables.

These cultures maintain a very lean body, and by all modern standards are in great health with much lower rates of disease and chronic illness than many in the United States.

But people still like to pick a low carb or low fat camp and put  their stake in the ground.

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There's No One Perfect Diet For Fat Loss.

In studies when calories and protein are tightly controlled and kept the same across the board, all diets perform the same.

The real question we need to do a better job of asking is which way of eating do you prefer ?

Your ability to stick to a diet will be the biggest determining factor in your ability to get fat loss results, and be able to maintain them.

The less than perfect diet that you stick with will always be better than the perfect diet you restart every Monday.

If you try to use a low fat diet, when you have a preference for fattier foods or eliminate carbs when you really enjoy them, what do you think your chances of long term success will be ?

Not good.

The fact that there is no one size fits all when it comes to dietary approaches opens the door for you to choose diet that includes foods you enjoy and meets your needs.

Your approach to nutrition shouldn’t be so unnecessarily restrictive to the degree that it leads to binges, and makes you beat yourself up over the fact that “It happened again”

When it comes to the low carb or low fat debate the answer is really whichever one you enjoy more.

Maybe you don’t like either and wanted to eat a moderate amount of both which works too as long as you’re in a calorie deficit.