Why Trying To Be "Perfect" With Your Nutrition Backfires...

After finishing up my client check in emails yesterday, I quickly saw a reply from a new client I started working with.

Lisa is working on losing body fat and needed some guidance to help figure out what the right approach was for her to follow, and when to make adjustments to her nutrition.

Turns out I know a guy...

In the email reply she mentioned that she felt like she entirely failed for the past week.

Looking closer though I could see she nailed her calorie goal everyday for the last two weeks.

She was eating high quality foods and getting plenty of protein, veggies and carbs. No issues there either.

Oh and she was down 3 lbs since our last round of measurements two weeks ago, I had yet to see the failure she was talking about...

The next sentence was a very telling one that gave me some important insight into what she meant by the fact that she had “failed.”

Lisa had gone over her target fat intake by 4-8 grams each day because of some snacking on nuts. 

That to her was a failure... 

You see Lisa is a perfectionist by nature. She  runs a successful business, hits the gym 4-5 per week and will regularly go on 50 mile bike rides on the weekend.

Anything Lisa does, she goes at 110%, and expects perfection.

In my email reply to her I explained that being down 3 lbs in two weeks is far from a failure, and there is a learning curve to anything like tracking calories and macros.

I told her “It's those kind of "aha" moments with the nuts you'll be able to learn from moving forward. Overall you're doing a better job than you're giving yourself credit for, hence the 3 lb weight loss ; ) .”

I also explained to her “ Expecting to be perfect on a brand new diet is like running your first marathon and expecting to break a world record, no one does it. You have to learn along the way and you'll get better.”

When Lisa replied she told me “ Thanks.... I needed the pep talk. As I am sure you are beginning to notice, I am a slight perfectionist :-P! So I have a hard time not doing things 100 percent.”

Lisa was nailing her calorie target which was the most important part of the equation for her fat loss, and her results showed just that!

However Lisa’s perfectionist nature wasn’t allowing her to look past the micro to see the macro big picture of her success.

By simply helping her to recognize the big picture win, and see that you can make amazing progress without being a perfectionist it helped Lisa to feel positive about the process and acknowledge her recent win.

Now Imagine how far that negative thought pattern could have taken Lisa if she didn't have a coach to help her course correct and recognize that you don’t need to be perfect to get results.

Expecting perfection with your nutrition isn't the standard you want to set, because in real life that "perfect" shit goes right out the window. 

Keep in mind though that this “all or nothing” thinking showed by Lisa isn’t the only mindset that sabotages your nutrition and fat loss goals.

There’s 5 mindset traps I see people regularly fall into that cause them to give up on their nutrition and fat loss goals.

Those 5 Thinking Traps That Sabotage Your Nutrition are detailed in a recent blog HERE where you learn how to recognize, and then climb out of these traps that ruin your nutrition. 

Read the blog linked and let me know what you think in the comments.