4 Supplements That Are A Waste Of Your Money (And What To Eat Instead)

As a society we run on immediate gratification and quick fixes that promise better results quicker.

There’s nowhere this is more apparent than in the health and fitness industry unfortunately.

We’re living in an era of “ diet hacks” and supplements that are sold to make a quick buck off desperate people, who feel insecure and want to change.  

This  deception and dishonesty in the nutrition and fitness industry has always pissed me off because the main aim is to take advantage of people, not actually help them.  

Most people who work in health and fitness do so because they genuinely want to help people succeed, and improve their life.

However there are the bad seeds who only care about their bank account,  and have no problem taking someone’s money without actually helping them.

This is especially true when it comes to looking at supplements.

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Behind The Curtain Of Supplements

Very few supplements do anything at all, but if you went off what the claims made on labels you’d think they were magic in a bottle.

They rarely contain active ingredients that are backed by peer reviewed scientific studies.

This means when an ingredient in a supplement is tested in a controlled study to see if it does what it claims, it doesn’t.

Even when an ingredient is proven effective in studies, very few supplement companies use those ingredients at a dosage that will result in the desired effect.

You might be thinking, how do supplement companies get away with this  ?

For starters supplements are very loosely “regulated” by the FDA.

The FDA tends to stay away from tightly monitoring supplement manufacturing, and mainly gets involved to do damage control when a supplement has harmed people.

This allows the supplement manufacturer to use a lot of cheap fillers, and hit a minimum threshold of certain ingredients so they can claim it’s a “proprietary blend.”

Because it’s a proprietary blend they don’t have to disclose their “secret” formula to public or list the dosages of each ingredient in the supplement.

For these reasons and many more, there’s tons of supplements on the market that are a huge waste of your money and don’t provide any benefit.


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Top 4 Supplements That Are A Waste Of Your Money

Let’s a take a look at the most common supplements that you might be taking, but should stop wasting your money on.

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This stands for branched chain amino acids, and they’re the building blocks of protein. If you eat enough complete protein sources throughout the day you don’t need BCAA’s.

If you’re working out in a fasted state or going on a longer 24+ hour fast they may have some use in those situations, but even then the reward to cost ratio isn’t there. You can just eat protein throughout the day and save your money.

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Pre workouts:

Most pre workout supplements are jam packed with stimulants such as caffeine, and some BCAA’s.

Some Pre workouts contain ingredients that make you feel tingly or cause excessive sweating, or give you a “pump” when working out, but you’re not burning any more body fat or building more muscle as a result of your pre workout supplement.

Pre workouts are pretty expensive, so Instead eat a pre workout snack 60-120 minutes before you exercise with protein, carbs, salt and have a cup of coffee or two. You’ll get the same effect, but with more money in your wallet.

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Fat burners:

Fat burners don’t cause you to actually burn any more body fat than you would throughout a typical workout.

They do have a ton of caffeine in them which makes you  sweat a lot more giving you the idea that you’re  burning a ton of extra  calories, which is false.

You may get a very small boost to your metabolism due to the caffeine content, but not enough that it results in any meaningful amount of fat loss.

The reality is if you want to lose body fat consistently nothing beats a good old fashioned calorie deficit, there’s plenty of studies to support this fact!

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Detox supplements:

Detox supplements and juices make some of the most ludicrous health and weight loss claims.  

Weight loss on a detox has zero to do with detoxifying. You lose weight on a detox because you’re neck deep in a calorie deficit from only drinking juices and taking supplements.

Once you return back to your normal eating habits, all the weight will come right back on, guaranteed.

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Lastly your liver and kidneys are responsible for detoxifying your body all day long, and if your organs aren’t functioning properly, you don’t need a detox supplement you need to visit a doctor.

Instead of buying bogus juices and detox pills focus on increasing your intake of vegetables, fruits and water to naturally assist in the detox process.

There are some supplements which have been shown in study after study to be effective such as: fish oil, vitamin D, creatine and probiotics. I also think for some who struggles to get enough protein, a protein powder can be helpful.