Why You Don't Need To Eat Keto To Lose Fat...

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This last week I was in a Starbucks writing and overheard two women chatting at the table next to me...

“She went on a keto diet, and lost 25 pounds in two months”

“ He did this detox and all his symptoms disappeared within 2 weeks”

“ I must be eating too many carbs, that’s why I’m not losing weight”

This is where every  fiber of my being wanted to interrupt their conversation and talk to them about calories etc.. but I didn’t

These women went on to chat about their current diets, and how neither one of them was losing weight...

One of them said  “Maybe we should try that keto diet”

I took another look at the two women next to me.

Both of them had a huge chocolate pastry and a blended coffee that looked like a milkshake with whip cream on top.  

Don’t get me wrong their pastry and coffees looked delicious…

However as women who were just discussing their lack of progress with fat loss I could see they were missing the big picture of what’s necessary to lose body fat.

These ladies were focused on the flashy and spectacular outcomes of someone else that lost 25 pounds on a keto diet in 2 months…


In their discussion about fat loss was no talk of a calories, exercise or their chocolate pastry and milkshake coffees.

These ladies assumed that a special diet would be what they needed to lose more body fat  because of someone else’s success with that diet.

These ladies were chasing the spectacular, while missing the more simple tried and true answer directly in front of them about fat loss.

A Calorie deficit...

These ladies might have even been able to fit those coffees and pastries into their calories if they thought about the whole fat loss equation differently.

Everyone is being sold the diet as the answer to their problem, when in reality the principle (calorie deficit) is the answer to their problem.

This is why as a society we spend more on fat loss than ever before, but have higher rates of obesity and disease than ever…

Everyone is being kept at an arm’s length from the principle of fat so they can resold a cookbook, course and another ebook.

I’m here to provide answers and teach you  the principles that will set you free and give you your food freedom back.

This is the exact reason I wrote a blog that will literally teach you everything you need to know about fat loss.  

Not only will you get step by step instructions on how to structure your own diet for fat loss, but I’ll teach you how to adjust your diet for consistent fat loss and measure progress.

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