Why You Can't Fix A Body You Hate...

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You likely believe that once you finally have the body of your dreams, and lose the fat you’ll really appreciate your body and take care of it.
Sorry to burst your bubble, but I’ve seen people lose 70 lbs and still dislike themselves back to a heavier weight than before they started.

If you hate yourself and your body at your current weight, you’re going to hate yourself and your body at any weight…

The scale may change, but your feeling self worth won’t change if you don’t address what’s going on between your ears.

You may act and appear more confident because that’s how you think you should be but deep down that self loathing is still there.

When you lose the weight instead of looking at yourself and thinking “damn look at that sexy thing in the mirror”

You’re more likely to step closer to the mirror and pull out a magnifying glass looking at any minute reason to cut yourself down and shit talk yourself.

Let’s be honest the the real issue here is the fact that you dislike something about yourself, not weight or anything along those lines.

The extra weight is a shield for you.

You use that as a way to validate those the behaviors that serve the story you tell yourself about who you are as someone who’s overweight.

But long term those same behaviors are really just you punishing yourself for being overweight.

You make the assumption that when you finally get in shape and look better naked you’ll like yourself more…. you won’t.

Once you drop the weight you’ll finally feel like you’re enough… You’ll be missing something still.

You’ll finally be happy… that’s not true either.

When you’re in the better shape you’ll finally find the person for you… but the void will still be there, it’s not them.

It’s you.

The reality is you need to master what you’ve got and know the users manual before upgrading to next model.

Where most people fail when it comes to changing their lifestyle and their body is in-between the ears.

Once you realize this and stop looking for the magic macro split or diet the sooner you’ll stop wasting your time and make some real progress.

So how do you go about doing this ?

The first think you’ll need to acknowledge is that you’re in control of this body of yours.

No more blaming anything or anyone.

You may not be happy with the state of your body, but regardless it can still do some pretty amazing things.

GRATITUDE is an absolute game changer, what you can do is far more important that what you can’t do yet.

I understand that some of you have been dealt a shitty hand from the environment you were raised in to specific health complications, those are not your fault.

But now it’s your responsibility…

You don’t have a slow metabolism

You’re not addicted to sugar

You’re not big boned

The problem isn’t that you skip breakfast

It’s not hormones

Nor is it starve mode

These are all ways for you to feel disempowered, and only move you further from the real answer to your problem.

None of these are holding you back from reaching your fat loss goal though.

The chances are good in this blog you’re thinking“ Fuck this Alex guy he doesn’t know me or my circumstances”

You’re 100% correct, I don’t.

What I do know is that every nutrition client of mine in your situation who chose to  remove the mask of victimhood, felt empowered and made progress with their fat loss goals.  

I’m saying these things that may sting in the moment to give you a hand out of the quicksand you’ve been stuck in so that you can finally take control.

If you want to change your body and finally look, feel and perform better you need to take responsibility to change your nutrition and  exercise to start making progress.

I’m not sitting on an ivory tower telling you it’s going to be super easy, because it isn’t, but your health and well being is worth the effort and struggles.

You’re not going to be perfect and you’re going to make mistakes… a lot of them, everyone does.

When you stop lying to yourself you’re going to open your eyes to an entire universe of small habits that have sabotaging you along the way.

You’re never going to fix a body you hate, don’t worry this isn’t going to degrade into one of those inauthentic love yourself no matter what blogs.

This is the stark reality that is going to be very unpopular and piss a lot of people off.

If you’re not happy with your current body, don’t listen to some supermodel trying to tell you you’re just fine where you.

I say fuck that, make a change and lose the weight you want.

BUT do it because deep down you know you and your body both deserve better than you’ve been giving it.

Not because you think it will automatically bring you happiness

Before you can upgrade that  body of yours you have to master what  you got currently.

You have to know the operations manual of version 1.0 before you’re ready for version 2.0

No more shit talking yourself in the mirror for past slip ups or not getting started sooner.

Cut the negative comments and put downs you tell yourself, those become self fulfilling prophecies over time.

Be grateful for what your body can currently do, and not angry for what it can’t...yet!

Eat a varied well balanced diet that help you to be in a calorie deficit.

Eat plenty of protein and vegetables to keep yourself full, and from time to time enjoy an indulgence so you don’t feel overly restricted.

Exercise not to punish yourself but because it makes you feel better afterwards and help you feel more confident.

Lastly but most importantly recognize this is going to take time, and don’t beat yourself up over slip ups or mistakes we all need to make to learn lessons.

Realize that you only fail if you give up entirely and toss in the towel.

If you’re ready to start taking back the power of your own health and fat loss journey, and are tired of spinning your wheels not having a plan or feeling supported in your own fat loss journey then click HERE and lets chat about your goals and how we can get you there.