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“How many calories should I eat to lose fat ?” This is a question I get from people all the time.

This is actually an amazing question to get more and more  awesome because it means folks like yourself are understanding that they need to be in calorie deficit for fat loss to happen.

It doesn’t matter if you eat sugar, fat, carbs,  eat late at night or you go keto or do fasting… you need to be in a calorie deficit to lose body fat.

But just telling you to eat in a calorie deficit doesn’t tell you how to find that out for yourself…

Don’t worry though I’m going to show you exactly how to find this out for yourself…

One of the big problems when you ask me how many calories they should be eating is you assume there is a magic number of calories I can tell you to eat that will zap you right into your ideal body quicker.

Unfortunately I’m not a wizard…. Yet

The best calorie predictors for fat loss in the world don’t account for a lot of missing factors that can make or break your diet.

Here is what I recommend you do to figure out how many calories you you should be eating for fat loss.

Track your calories for 5-7 days in my fitness pal, and also track your scale weight and measurements for the week too so you have a baseline to go off of.

If you’ve been stuck and frustrated for A long time then I’d recommend tossing your food on a food scale to make sure you’re being accurate with how many calories you’re eating.

If you have a big issue with using a food scale for a week and you’ve been stuck for a while there’s two options…

Continue feeling stuck and confused banging your head against a wall because you aren’t seeing progress or use a scale for a week and rule out easy to correct calorie overages.

I can’t tell you the amount of clients who have been stalled, and used a food scale for a week and came in 250-400 calories above what they were entering into MFP, and once we corrected that they were making progress within a week.

Now that you’ve tracked your calories for 5-7 days take the average of your calories for that last  week and see if you had any changes in scale or measurements during that time too.

If nothing has budged there’s two routes I’d go from here.

The first is that you’ve been trying too aggressively to crash diet and exercise too intensely for the fuel you’ve been giving your body.

This is assuming you have been accurate with tracking calories and haven’t been binging late night or slipping up a few times per week.

If that isn’t the case you’d want to look at taking a diet break or going through a reverse diet to increase your calories back up to maintenance for a period of time to offset the adaptations of aggressive dieting.   

The other and more likely option is that you’re not eating in a calorie deficit, which is extremely easy to correct.

At this point reducing calories by 5-10% should get you moving in the right direction, give it at least two weeks.

If still nothing budges you may need a larger calorie deficit to make things move in the right direction in which case I’d go with a 20% reduction in calories from your 5-7 day baseline.

Eventually this calorie intake will stop getting you results though, and this is where you’d make  a 5-8% calorie reduction.

Here’s the secret though, the calories and macros are only part of the equations when it comes to getting sustainable fat loss.

Accountability, support and knowing when the to make an adjustment and when to hang tight is where the art and science of coaching comes into play.  

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