I Eat Mostly Healthy...Why Am I not Losing Weight ?

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Who hasn’t heard someone say the phrase “I eat mostly health, and I just can’t lose any weight” or “I eat pretty healthy, but I’ve been at the same weight for months.”

A lot of the time you’re  following a specific diet with foods that are on the eat and don’t eat list.

For certain people known as “restrictors” they need the stark boundaries of can’t eat this, and can’t eat this to keep themselves on track with their nutrition.

For many of you a simple change in food choices can elicit fat loss without over thinking things too much, but at certain point what worked magically slows down.

As fat loss slows down you let some of your old habits slip back in, but just during the weekend and nowhere near as frequently as in the past.

This is where understanding your weekly calorie intake is crucial in seeing why eating mostly healthy isn’t giving you the results you’re after.

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Most of you can likely keep things pretty well balanced throughout the weekdays eating a good amount of protein, veggies, fruits,less processed starches and healthy fats.

For most folks this alone will be enough to create a calorie deficit that would elicit fat loss if done on a consistent enough basis.

*cough*cough… consistent enough basis.

However when the weekend comes around and it’s a bit of a different story than the weekdays because you’re out, social and other people are drinking and eating too.  


So... What does Friday night through Sunday look like-oh well on the weekends I'm a little more relaxed with my eating.jpg

Whenever someone is stuck and tells me “ I eat really well monday through friday” my next question is always  “what does your eating friday through sunday look like ?”

And this is where the real solution to the problems lies.

Their response is usually  “On the weekends, I’m a little more relaxed with my eating” or “ I have my cheat day on the weekend”

When we dive into exactly what they’re eating during the weekend it’s far more than a little relaxed… and the answer to why they’re not losing weight.

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Their weekend eating leaves them with a massive calorie surplus from the abundance of hyper palatable foods that are easy to overeat and  calorie dense.

Things like pizza, burgers & fries, milkshakes, cookies, beer and wine in too great a frequency are a recipe for stalling out your fat loss goals. 

While you can consume these foods in moderation and still lose body fat, eating them for 2-3 days straight each week is far from moderation.

This massive calorie surplus you eat on the weekend can be enough to eliminate any calorie deficit that would have resulted in fat loss.


These weekend free for alls can easily stall your weight loss, and in some cases people can gain fat after enough of these weekend food benders.

This doesn’t mean you have to be “perfect” with how you eat to lose body fat either, you need to focus on food quality and total overall calories you’re consuming.


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Moderate your indulgences to fit within your calorie and macro targets.

If only having treats only on the weekend is causing you to overdo them and engage in binge like behaviors know that as long as calories are accounted for it doesn’t matter what day of the week you have them.

The majority of your diet still needs to be nutrient dense whole foods 85-90% of the time, and the other 10-15% can be more of the fun foods as long as it fits within your calorie and macronutrient targets for the day.

Instead of treating your nutrition like something you focus on Monday through Friday start being more mindful everyday, novel I know.

Your weekend calories count, and are likely the reason you’re not losing any body fat even if you eat mostly healthy.

If you feel like the cycle of restricting yourself monday through friday is leading to full on cheat weekends or food binges try spreading the “fun foods” throughout the week as long as you stick within the right calorie targets and focus on food quality.  

Lastly make sure you’re following a nutrition plan you enjoy, otherwise your chances of sticking with it long term are pretty much zero.

Are you tired of feeling like you’re just spinning your wheels with nutrition and never seeing the results you work so hard for ?

Do you wake up each and every day lacking the confidence you used to have due to how you’re feeling in your own skin ?

Have you tried EVERY diet out there under the sun and none of them actually helped you lose the weight and keep it off longer than a month or two maybe ?

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