5 Breakfast Based Fat Loss Tips

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Alex in your myth busting series you spoke about how breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day.”

That’s completely true, and I still believe that breakfast holds no magical power when it comes to your fat loss or metabolism.

What breakfast can do for some people is set the tone for their dietary decisions throughout the rest of the day though.

Eating foods that send your blood sugar on a roller coaster at the start the beginning of the day can lead you to make worse food choices for the rest of the day.

The same can be true for people who are too rushed and hungry, but haven’t planned for breakfast. For these folks skipping breakfast leads to overall less nutritious food choices because they’re ravenous and eat anything when they get a chance.

If you use these five tips you’ll set yourself up to make more nutritious decisions which and can lead to better fat loss results over the long term.

1.) Focus on Protein, Veggies and Fruit:

Protein, vegetables and fruit are all going to help you stay fuller for longer while keeping the amount of calories you’re consuming on the lower side.

Protein is the highest satiety macronutrient and helps to trigger feelings of satiation and slows how quickly your stomach contents empty.

Protein also has the the highest thermic effect of food which means your body has to burn more calories to digest protein than carbs or fats.

The fiber content of the vegetables and fruit are another factor that will help you feel fuller for longer and slows digestion to help you avoid that mid morning latte and pastry.

2.) Don’t Drink Your Calories:

This tip applies to people who tend to grab a flavored coffee in the morning chalked with tons of extra sugars and fats that won’t keep you full, and can actually trigger excess hunger.

Some of these coffees contain upwards of 500-650 calories, and are consumed on top of a full breakfast as well.

That high calorie coffee plus a reasonable breakfast can easily surpass 1,000 calories, and that’s just at breakfast!

To avoid this put a little half and half or creamer in your coffee and use a zero calorie sweetener like stevia if you have to make it sweet.

Focus on Protein, Veggies%2F and fruit.png

3.) Don’t Fall Into The Healthy Green Smoothie Trap:

When you look at a lot of the pre made green smoothies in the store and see the amount of sugar, calories and carbs they contain it can be shocking.

Many of these green smoothies aren’t all that far off from drinking a can or two of soda, which may be hard to believe since they’re sold as a healthy food.

Because the green smoothies are liquid calories and extremely high in sugar and carbs it’s more likely to leave you hungry shortly after drinking it while still consuming quite a few calories.

You’re better off eating some whole fruit, a green salad and a few hard boiled eggs.

This way you’re getting the fiber from fruit and veg along with all the micronutrients, and protein from the eggs, all while staying much fuller for longer and avoiding the mid morning energy crash.

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4.) Prep A few Breakfasts Or Have Grab and Go Options:

The reality is for some people their morning is a hustle and bustle to get out the door and to work on time.

This is where prepping a few breakfasts in one night, and having easy options to grab on the go can be crucial to setting yourself up for success at the beginning of the day.

Here’s a few really simple ideas:

Overnight oats with fruit and hard boiled eggs

Cottage cheese with fruit and cinnamon on top

Greek yogurt with fruit

Hard boiled eggs with fruit

Left over meat on top of a salad

Eggs scrambled with veggies and ¼ avocado

In a tight pinch a protein shake with 2 pieces of fruit can also work

Focus on Protein, Veggies%2F and fruit (5).jpg

5.) Not Hungry In The Morning ? Go Ahead and Fast.

Assuming you’re healthy, and fasting doesn’t make you over consume food later in the day to compensate, you don’t have to eat breakfast by any means and can skip breakfast if it suits you better.  

Skipping breakfast isn’t going to slow down your metabolism or impact your fat loss in any way.

What controls your fat loss and fat gain is total calories and macronutrients consumed at the end of the day.