Why A Client Got Pissed At Me For 5 Days, But In The End Was Worth It!


I recently sat down in my office with a nutrition client who'd been having some adherence issues with the plan we agreed on.

This was the first thing she had to say to me:

“You know I was really pissed at you for like four or five days after our last consult, I almost texted you a few times telling you that you were wrong and you just don’t understand”

I knew exactly what she was talking about so I asked  “When I said  you’re always in control, but choose to not use that control sometimes why did that make you feel so angry ?”

She said “I was angry because you made me realize something I knew all along.The idea of always being in control made me accept responsibility for my choices and actions, and it’s scary at first to think you’re always in control, but then you realize it means you have the power.”

I knew where she was going, but I wanted to hear her say it out loud so I asked her “when you realized you’re in control, and the choice is always yours to make how’d you feel?”

Her response was one I want to hear from every client: “powerful!”

You see a  lot of people will say that they “lose control” when they’re around certain foods, but that’s a very disempowering way to view food, and removes ownership of your actions.

Food only holds the power, that you allow it to hold.

You’re always in control of your food choices, you don’t ever lose that control.

You’ve chosen not to eat certain foods a million different times in your life.

Sometimes you choose not to use that self control around certain foods, but that’s a choice, and it’s on you to take responsibility for those actions.

This sounds a little harsh at first, and you may think I’m a dickhead for saying that, but realize I’m trying to cause a shift in the way you think.

My goal is to move you from a disempowered victim mindset to one that shows you’re in control whether you choose to stay on course or deviate.

If you have a victim’s mindset then the reality is you’ll always believe that things are happening to you as a bystander, and you have no control over your daily actions.

If you don’t learn to shift your mindset out of this powerless mode, then you’ll always succumb to temptation and chalk it up to “losing control” rather than saying “I made a choice and am always in control to make a different choice in the future.”

If you feel like you’re having a hard time taking back your control click HERE for a free nutrition strategy session and let’s give you the power you need to take control of your health and fat loss goals.