Play Your Cards Wisely...


When it comes to fat loss, and getting leaner there are a number of different strategies you can use to keep fat loss moving in the right direction, and even break past a plateau when it happens.

Fat loss plateaus happen to everyone, make sure you keep that in mind to prevent any excessive knee jerk reactions when the scale has stalled for a week or two.

These “cards” include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Cardio

  • Decrease calories

  • Improve sleep habits

  • Refeeds

  • Adjust Macros

  • Walk more

  • Diet Breaks

  • And much more…

The biggest problem I see people running into when looking to lose body fat is playing all these cards at one time.

You drop calories really low, start hitting daily cardio and are logging 15,000 steps on your fitbit and start hammering back a bunch of supplements.

This strategy works really well for 4 weeks but when progress stalls, and there aren’t any cards left to play.

The thought of dropping your calories any lower or doing more cardio or activity makes you want to sit in the corner and rock back forth.

Instead take a longer approach, and play the cards at your disposal wisely.


Play 1-2 cards at a time and then give it some time to work. Everyone wants results yesterday so the giving it time to work can be difficult for people to get their head around.

It won’t happen overnight, and unless you gained all the excess body fat you have in a few weeks you need to give it more than a few weeks to work and give you the desired effect.

One of the simplest things you can do that will give a large return on investments is to start crowding out some of the less nutritious foods with more fruits, vegetables and lean proteins.

Maybe instead of pizza for lunch or pancakes for breakfast or going out for beers 2-3  times per week you switch and have a salad with a solid source of protein for lunch.

While these kinds of changes seems small and simple, they will provide a large return on investments for most people when done consistently and given the time to work.

You want to  get the maximum benefit of each card before moving on to the next one you play. If you play all your cards at once you’re going to lose the game.

Keep an ace up your sleeve for when you need it and you’ll be happy you did when you think there’s no other options on hand.

If you feel like your current deck of cards is lacking a few key ones, I can help you know what card to play and when and be your ace up the sleeve.

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