Why You Keep Falling Flat On Your Face With Your Diet...


With something that can appear as complicated as nutrition it’s very easy to miss the forest for the trees and become frustrated when results aren’t coming your way.

I’m here to tell you nutrition is much simpler than you likely believe, and many of the smaller details people like to focus on are merely a form of distraction from what really matters. 

There is no reason to make things any more complicated than they need to be especially if you aren't getting the results you want currently. 

Let’s take a closer look at how majoring in the minutia of nutrition causes you to lose sight of the bigger picture and can prevent you from reaching your goals. 

When it comes to getting healthy, looking and feeling better with nutrition it’s much simpler than you would imagine.

As a society we like to make things much more complicated than they need to be because these kind of ideas are new and sexy, plus they do a great job of selling products and books!

The basics of health and nutrition aren't the sexiest thing to discuss, but damn are they effective and time tested.

We all have shiny object syndrome, and in large this is what causes many people to jump from diet to diet without ever committing.

Nutrition in a lot of regards can be pretty simple, and there are a ton of different ways of eating people have used to get lean and healthy.

Simple doesn’t mean it’s easy though, and confusing the two can lead to desperation and anger with why it isn’t “working” anymore.

If someone hasn’t been practicing the basics of nutrition for a period of time then more advanced strategies are destined to fail, and cause ample amounts of frustration.

Trying to use higher level nutrition strategies before you’ve squeezed the last drop out of the basics is the equivalent of trying to build a mansion on a shaky foundation.

The mansion will look nice and  stand up for a period of time, but will eventually come crashing down because it can’t be supported without the right infrastructure.  

Focus On The Basics First: 

  • Eating too few or too many calories ( This one is HUGE)

  • Not getting adequate protein intake

  • The amount of stress in your life ( lack of sleep, over exercising, under eating and relationships can all be stressors)

  • The amount/quality of sleep you are getting consistently (7-9 hours)

  • Lifting heavy (3-4x week) and Sprinting/Conditioning (1-2x week)

  • Having vegetables at each meal

  • Frustration with fat loss and scale obsession

  • Tracking intake for a few days to see calories and macros

  • Non exercise activity (walking,hiking, mobility, fidgeting, yard work, doing the dishes etc)

  • Stress reduction practice

If you were to only focus on the bullet points mentioned above you would be light years ahead of most people trying to change their body and health. 

It will take some people years and years of failed dieting to realize that these are the golden ticket, other won't ever realize it at all. They are too busy looking for the shortcut or hack or fastest route. 

There is no Magic Bullet

We live in the day and age where people are looking for hacks and shortcuts, or the magic bullet that promises the results you desire in a shorter amount of time.

Many people tout one exercise, superfood or supplement can transform your body composition, improve your health, energy and fitness level.

Get mentally prepared for the bubble to burst folks.

There is no valid shortcut, hack or magic bullet when it comes to optimal health and sustainable results.

If there was a magic bullet someone other than the infomercial guy at midnight would be telling you about it.

There absolutely are more efficient and intelligent ways to train and fuel your body, but  missing part of this recipe that people forget to mention is dedication and consistency.

This consistency applies to your nutrition habits, exercise and the other very important components like stress management and sleep too, it’s a lifestyle.

The idea of consistency doesn’t mean you need to be militant or 100% about how you eat or train, but instead look at your overall habits - not just in the course of a day or week BUT months. 

As Always I appreciate you taking the time to read Eat To Evolve, and let me know if you have any questions I can help you with!