Are “Fat Loss Foods” Real ?


Sometimes when scrolling through health and nutrition websites or on social media I see articles discussing “fat loss foods” but this idea is plain false.

There are certain foods that have a different metabolic effect, but this doesn’t mean that consuming this food is going to end in fat loss.

There are also foods that help to keep someone better satiated and full. When these higher satiety foods are consumed people generally have better control of their appetite and food intake, which can help with fat loss.

When someone is looking to lose fat a huge component to success is balancing someone’s appetite and food intake to prevent overconsumption and binging behavior.

To help prevent food over consumption it is a good idea to consume more foods that leave you feeling fuller and more satisfied. Shocker I know!  

An example to better explain the satiety is  if we compare boiled potatoes to cookies. I know in taste there is no comparison but in terms of fullness per calorie there is a significant difference.

You need far fewer calories from boiled potatoes than a cookie to feel much more satisfied and full, this is because the potatoes are a higher satiety food.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes a food high satiety and discuss a few that rate highly on the scale and could be helpful in your fat loss efforts.

What Makes A Food High Satiety ?

Satiety is known as the feeling of fullness that we experience after we eat a food, and leads to a reduction in the physical and mental need to eat more.

There was a scale developed in 1995 that helped to measure this satiety effect of different foods based on an identical amount of calories. The foods were ranked on how well they were able to satisfy hunger.

There were some commonalities of the foods that rated the highest on the satiety index:

Higher in Protein: one of the most satisfying macronutrients, and helps to preserve muscle mass when trying to lose body fat.

Higher in Volume: Due to the air, water and fiber content of some foods they are bigger and take up more room, especially in your stomach!

Lower in Calories: Many of these foods are much lower in caloric content, especially for the weight of the food. They also contain a good amount of water and fiber and some are higher in carbohydrates.  

Higher in Fiber: Any calories from fiber can’t be used for energy, but provides bulk and helps people feel fuller for longer by slowing gastric emptying.


High Satiety Foods


Boiled Potatoes

Potatoes have gotten a bad rap, especially in the low carb community but in all reality they are an extremely nutritious food.

Boiled potatoes scored the highest of any food on the satiety index and provide a number of vitamins and minerals that promote health.

Compared with many other higher carbohydrates foods when it comes to satiety potatoes take the cake hands down.

Potatoes have high amounts of water, a moderate amount of carbs and a modest amount of fiber and protein. They are a powerhouse when it comes satiety per calorie of food.



Fish is packed with highly bioavailable and easily digestible protein. Ling Cod was the fish that ranked so highly on the satiety index which is a form of lighter white fish.

Out of all the protein rich foods on the satiety index fish ranked the very best beating out both eggs and beef. Ling Cod fish was only second overall in the satiety rankings to boiled potatoes.


It’s a shame that eggs got a bad reputation for their cholesterol content for so long because they are the perfect source of protein and are an extremely nutrient dense food.

The yolk of the egg contains most of the nutrients, and the whites contain a source protein that has all the essential amino acids. Aside from being such a nutritional powerhouse, eggs scored very highly on the satiety index as well.


For the volume of space that it takes up in your stomach cooked oatmeal has a pretty low caloric content, and contains a great amount of fiber.

Part of what makes oatmeal such a high satiety food is due to the higher soluble fiber content and its ability to soak up water and expand.

The protein content of oatmeal is nowhere near eggs, but it is an added benefit with this highly satiating food.



Fruit can be a great addition for people who would like to satisfy their sweet tooth in a healthy manner without consuming a hyper palatable calorically dense food.

For those who do have an excessive sweet tooth just be sure you’re not over consuming fruit as a substitute for sugar. I have seen this happen with a lot of people trying to kick the sugar habit.

Apples have a high water and fiber content which can help to slow the gastric emptying leaving you feeling fuller for longer while providing bulk.

There are no fat loss foods, that is a marketing gimmick but the foods that are the most filling and satisfying can help you to control your appetite.  

Make sure to focus on eating whole foods that leave you feeling fuller for longer with fewer calories and this can make the process of losing fat a little easier.

The foods we discussed today that rank much higher on the satiety index tend to be minimally processed foods that are higher in fiber, water content, volume and protein content.

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