10 Simple Ways To Stick With Healthier Eating (Part 1)

Eating better can improve your health and well being from head to toe, there is no refuting that. Knowing that eating better improves our health and well being doesn’t make it any easier to stick with a nutrition plan for most people though.

Consistency and dedication to improving your nutrition is something that takes effort, which is why so few people have success long term.

This week we are going to be covering 10 simple ways to stick with healthier eating. This is not going to include any magic bullets or “hacks”, but these are tactics that can help you stay on course with your nutrition even in less than ideal situations.

1. Remove The Foods You Are Avoiding From The House!

Willpower is a limited resource, and each time you make a decision or encounter a stressor, you are making a withdrawal from that willpower piggy bank.

After a long stressful day when willpower is completely zapped, it’s easy to hear the keebler elves calling from the pantry, and oblige their call.

If you have these kinds of foods in the house you will eventually eat them. I wish it wasn’t the case and everyone had iron clad will but if the food is there you will eat it.

By keeping those trigger foods out of the house your likelihood of eating them will be decreased, and there will be one less thing draining your willpower!

2. Be Patient About Where You Are, and The Path To Your Goals  

It’s good to have a goal, but where most people get in trouble is setting unrealistic expectations for the path and time frame to achieve that goal.

If you’re consistently falling short of your expectations because they are unreasonable, that is a one way ticket to frustration, and eventually giving up.

Realize that anyone who has a body you admire has put in years and years of hard work and consistency to look like that.

No one gets fat overnight, and no one gets lean overnight either! But if you stick with it and dedicate yourself to staying on course you will see results much quicker than if you give up and restart each month.

Set habit based goals that you have total control over, instead of outcome based goals.If you use a habit based goal you the have opportunity to celebrate success everyday.

Habit based goals would look like: I’m going to strength train 3 times a week for 1 hour. I’m going to sprint 2 times per week and I’m going to have salads for lunch 7 days a week.

3. Focus On Protein, Fat and Vegetables At Breakfast

Breakfast isn’t any more important than either lunch or breakfast, but for many people it sets the tone for their dietary choices for the day.

Make a scramble with all your favorite veggies, or grab a few hard boiled eggs and ½ an avocado if you need something to eat on the go.

Focusing on protein fat and vegetables will help you to feel fuller for longer and allow  you to have more stable blood sugar.

This stable blood sugar from fats, protein and fiber from veggies help to prevent energy crashes and cravings. Not to mention when you can avoid an energy crash cognitively you are sharper as well.  

Continue on that same path and grab a salad for lunch, and save the starches for around your workout and then your dinner when you can relax and enjoy a bigger meal.

4. Do The 5 Why’s

When it comes to making a sustainable change many of us are not honest with ourselves. Why do we really want this change ?

This simple yet powerful exercise is designed to help you cut to the core of  WHY you want this change.

I believe in this exercise so much that I put it in the second chapter of my book Simple Fat Loss and asked everyone to do it before continuing in the book!

I ask that you answer each one of the below questions in succession. Continue asking why to each answer until you have nailed down your healthy eating why.


  • Why is eating healthier important to me  ?

  • Why does that matter ?

  • Why what you just said ?

  • Why is that important ?

  • And Why that last one ?

I also use this exercise with all my nutrition clients.When you do this exercise you’ll be surprised at what you end up with!

5. Get Back On Track The Next Bite!

People commonly start out doing very well but slip up at social situations, and think the day is ruined. They say they will  just start over again tomorrow.

The biggest problem with this common scenario is getting on track the next day turns into Monday.

But Monday takes a few weeks to really come around for a lot of people when it comes to cleaning up their eating, and now they’re starting from square one again.

PAUSE. Instead of starting tomorrow, decide to get back on track the next bite of food you take. Mistakes happen, and we all make them.

Instead of jumping ship all together get back on track as soon as possible, it will improve your chances of sticking to the plan long term.

Put the past behind you. A slip up doesn’t ruin all the hard work you put, in assuming this doesn’t happen a few times every week.

Focus on healthy protein and vegetables for the rest of the day after the slip up this will help you to feel full and satisfied, and mentally forgive yourself for the slip up.

Mentally beating yourself up over a choice you made doesn’t do you any good, and the stress from it in many regard can be worse that the food you are.

Stay tuned as next week we will be covering the remaining tips for sticking with healthier eating.

As always email me back with any questions or concerns and I hope you have a great rest of your week, and thanks for reading!

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