The 2 Largest Things Your Diet Is Missing

I think we can all agree that diets are not effective for long term sustainable changes. If they were people wouldn’t have lifelong histories of dieting.

If diets helped  solve your health and fat loss equation people wouldn’t constantly be looking for the next magic bullet. You would just eat, not diet.

We live in a society where it’s very common for someone to jump from diet to diet without ever achieving the results they desire, or if they do it’s very short lived.

Today we are going to be covering the two largest things in your diet that will dictate your level of success. These aren’t a superfood, a hack or specific exercise.

These pivotal nutrition components have nothing to do with what you eat or how you move but instead how you think.

Wait, Alex I thought this was a nutrition blog and you were going to give me something that would be a quick fix ? sorry you must have mistaken the Eat To Evolve blog for something else.

Truth be told I’m only interested in helping people get results that they can continue to work on for years to come.

I’m not interested in your eight or twelve week progress photos,  let me see how you are doing in two years from now.

The two nutrition components we are diving deeper into today that most people are missing are  honesty and patience. What do I mean ? you’ll just have to continue reading to find out.


For some reason we are way more comfortable lying to ourselves then we are lying to others, we all do it, myself included.

The thing is if you have tried twenty different diets and none have worked, you may need to take an honest look at how you approach diets.

Your Why Matters

One of the least spoken about motivators for people to consider is why they want to achieve a change in the first place.

Yes everyone wants to look better naked I get it, but at the same time there is a more raw reason for change that isn’t being addressed here.

When you use a surface level reason as motivation for change your foundation is weak, and will eventually crumble when the going gets rough.

When you dig deeper and find the real reason you want this change it usually stings, and points to the fact that your body hasn’t been treated with the love and respect it deserves.

How you treat your body is a direct reflection of your perceived self worth, and how you feel about yourself. That is not meant to hurt your feelings, but instead open your eyes.  

How Ready Are You Really For Change ?

When taking on a new diet you need to be honest about where you are in your health journey and the amount of change you can manage in your life.

Too much change too soon with zero regard for your current habits is a one way ticket to falling apart at the seams, and reverting back to old ways.

Going from eating junk food daily to strict veganism is likely unsustainable because it require a ton of different habits to be changed all at once.

I bet you could have an extra serving of vegetables at two meals per day, without changing anything else though.

Old Habits + New Name = Same Results

Are changing your habits, or just shoving them in a shiny new box fitting within certain parameters and calling it something new. Living with the what can I get away with mentality only cheats you, no one else.

The fact is a paleo or vegan cupcake is still a cupcake and provides the same host of problems to your health or fat loss goals.

I’m not saying to never enjoy yourself and kick your heels up, but don’t eat paleo cookies everyday and act like you don’t know why you’re not losing fat, you’re smarter than that.


We live in a fast paced society filled with instant gratification, and very little emphasis on patience.

We have all been sold the idea that there is a supplement, hack or superfood that holds the answers to our problems, but it’s a lie designed to make money.

There is nothing sexy about patience. You can’t bottle it up or sell it. You have to develop it internally.

If there was something that was able to transform your health and give you the body you wanted do you think the infomercial guy on TV at 12:30am would be the only guy who knew about it ? probably not.

When you look at someone who is really health or  has a body that is sought after it is the result of years of consistency, dedication and patience with the process.

Don’t Throw The Baby Out With The Bathwater

When you very first start out, and make changes your body will respond quicker because that is an entirely new stimulus your body has to adapt to.

A perfect example of this is when someone chooses to make different food choices, and loses a lot of body fat as the adaptation.

As those food choices become the person’s normal, fat loss will slow down considerably.When progress stalls for a week or two don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater and run to the next diet.

There will absolutely be days or even  weeks when you don’t make progress or even get a little worse. That doesn’t mean that you aren’t making progress overall though, think long term.  

If you consider all your progress like points on a graph and connect the lines, it is easy to look at one singular point and let desperation sink in. When you step back and  look at the entire graph with all the points going in the right direction you see overall you are making big progress!

Don’t let a singular step in your health journey take you off the path. When you know the path will lead you to where you want to go stay the course and follow through.

A year from now when you are still making tweaks to your nutrition and seeing improved health as a result you will be happy you did.

Crash diets may work in the short term, but those results are only rented, you have them until you fall off the wagon.

I want you to be honest about your how ready you are for change and why you really want to change, the more it stings the more likely it is to provide fuel in those challenging moments.

There is no magic bullet to this, but know that patience will allow you to own your results for the rest of your life, and stop renting them.

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