Why I’m Going On A Crash Diet… Don’t Do This Folks!

For as long as I’ve been writing and speaking about nutrition I’ve staunchly advised against  crash and yo- yo dieting.

I’ve listened to,seen and heard the pain, frustration and desperation in people when they discuss nutrition and fat loss.

They feel hopeless, and cling to anything that promises quick results, but none of the results last and it never gives them what they’re looking for.

These same people that have sat in my office or communicated with me on the internet have given me a small insight into their negative self image, mindset and struggles that come along with crash dieting.

I’ve almost cried, given lots of hugs and told tons of people that another crash diet is not going to be the answer to their frustrations and struggles. These diets can make it all even worse.

People have described in vivid detail their dysfunctional relationship with food. They’ve explained their anxiety around specific macronutrients like fats or carbs.

Sometimes they get so anxiety ridden they don’t know what to eat, so they crack and eat a pint of ice cream only to feel shame and guilt around their actions and restrict their food even more.

These people chose to wear their shame, vulnerability and guilt  about their body and food on their sleeve with me, and were brutally honest in a way that very few are.

Truth be told their struggle is not one I’ve even had to deal with.

I’ve never been someone who’s had to diet control my bodyweight, or used extreme measures just to see the scale change numbers. Nor do I really care about the scale.

I don’t restrict and deprive myself of certain foods, and I don’t go to bed hungry because I ran out of calories or macros.

As someone who coaches people with through these dieting struggles I’m sitting on the outside and looking in, but that’s about to change.

For the next three weeks I’m going to be stepping into the arena and putting myself on an intentional crash diet, and creating a video blog to detail it all.

You’re likely asking why the hell I would do this ?

I want to understand first hand these people’s struggles, mindset, relationship with food and how dieting like this negatively impacts their everyday life.

By walking a mile in these people’s shoes I’m going to be able to relate to relate and speak their language from a place living it and be able to coach them out of the cycle.

In doing so my goal is to gain more perspective on the subject than I ever could reading a book or watching a video, and show people first hand the down sides to this style of trying to control bodyweight.

During the next three weeks I’m going to restricting my calories to 1,500 per day. Yes 1,500 calories per day.

I’m going to place a heavy emphasis on protein to keep me fuller and preserve as much muscle mass as possible.

Carbs and fat will go up and down depending on how I feel and how active I am for the day.

I’ll be eating a lot of high volume and fiber rich foods to help keep me as full as I can stay during the process.

I’m going to maintain my regular strength training three times a week and do two thai boxing and jiu jitsu classes per week. We'll see how this holds up though...

PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS! I’m not by any means encouraging doing this if anything I’m trying to show why this is a bad idea.

I’m going to release my daily VLOG on my crash diet experiment HERE and would love for you to follow me on this crazy endeavor.

I’m excited for the insights I know I’m going to get into the crash dieting mentality, but I’m also likely to be tired, hungry and somewhat ornery as well.

Thanks for reading and let’s see what happens!