5 Healthier Versions Of Your Holiday Favorites! (Recipes Inside)

It’s that time of year again when all that delicious holiday food starts to make a comeback, look no further than the pumpkin craze that takes over starting every October through January.

The holidays are a fun and joyous time for most people starting with halloween and ending with a closing of last year and the new beginning of the next.

In between halloween and new years there are lots of social events, celebrations, parties and family gatherings centered around booze and delicious food.

There is no shortage of booze or super calorie dense foods to go around, and there is a celebration of one kind or another every every other night.

For anyone who has a fat loss or health goal they are chasing this time of year can a big challenge and a significant test of willpower with all these hyper palatable foods that celebrations are centered around.

This year though you’re going to have an ace up your sleeve, because you’ll know the top 5 healthy holiday alternative recipes that you can make and bring to the next social event to keep you on track with your nutrition goals.


1.) Pumpkin Pie

This awesome pumpkin pie recipe from Working Against Gravity has all the fall flavors that you crave, but is high in protein, really low in sugar, has eight ingredients and can be made in less than an hour!

Recipe: http://www.workingagainstgravity.ca/blog/pumpkin-pie

2.) Thanksgiving Stuffing

This amazing stuffing by Paleomg is great for anyone who has a negative reaction to gluten and uses sweet potato instead of bread crumbs and has bacon and pecans! It was such a hit at thanksgiving that I brought it to my moms for three years in a row!

Stuffing is my absolute favorite part of thanksgiving dinner, but the bread in it doesn't agree with me so this recipe has been a life saver! In my opinion this is WAY better than your average stuffing and is busting with a ton of delicious flavor your average stuffing just doesn't have!

Recipe: http://paleomg.com/paleo-thanksgiving-stuffing/

3.) Rosemary Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Onions

Sweet potatoes are always a favorite at winter holidays celebrations, but you probably don't need to eat them topped with melted marshmallow's if you have a health or fat loss goal. This recipe by Garnish With Lemon gives you an extremely simple and delicious alternative that keeps you on track with your nutrition. 

Recipe: http://www.garnishwithlemon.com/rosemary-roasted-sweet-potatoes-and-onions/

4.) Stir Fried Kale and Bacon

It's easy to get caught up in all the pumpkin, sweet potatoes and hearty sauces and forget about the importance of getting in your greens at holiday meals, but by bringing this recipe by Nom Nom Paleo you'll be remember to eat your greens, and have your bacon too. 

Recipe: http://nomnompaleo.com/post/3082537932/quick-and-simple-stir-fried-kale-and-bacon

5.) Mashed "potatoes" (Cauliflower) With Garlic

This is another great way to not neglect getting your vegetables in while still enjoying all the holiday flavors. There are a ton of recipes out there that also use carrots with cauliflower or parsnips. In this recipe from Paleo Grubs its just the cauliflower. Serve this at the next holiday after a few drinks and see who knows the difference!

Recipe: http://paleogrubs.com/mashed-cauliflower-with-garlic