Why You Keep Falling Flat On Your Face With Your Diet... (Part 3)

Alright folks this is the last installment in our series on why you keep falling flat on your face with your diet.

If you’ve missed the first two blogs you should read them Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE.

If you’re tired of hitting the proverbial reset button on your diet or telling yourself this time it’ll be different after going off the wagon... today’s blog post was written for you.

I’m here to share there is a much more sustainable way to reach your goals, maintain your sanity and keep the results you’ve worked for without using extreme restriction… keep reading to figure out how!

Smaller Habits For Bigger Results  

It’s been shown that when focusing on one habit at a time people have a success rate of above 80%, however when someone tackles two habits it drops down to 35% and three or more habits it becomes 5% or less effective in the long run.

When you went on a diet last time how many habits did you try to adopt on the very first day ? I’m betting far more than just three...

People have a tendency to overestimate the amount of change they can handle when they feel ready to go on a diet.

This goes back to the optimal and sustainable point I spoke about in Part 2 of this blog series.

A perfect diet doesn’t mean much if you aren’t consistent and constantly fall off the wagon like most chronic dieters are accustomed to.

Change is difficult to make, and ever more difficult to maintain. Our society doesn’t have a weight loss problem we have a weight maintenance problem.

If you need further validation of people struggling to stay consistent with nutrition changes, look no further than the diet industry.  

There are millions of chronic dieters looking for the one magic diet, but the problem isn’t the diet, it’s the mindset of trying to tackle too much too soon.  

Go A Little Slower To Get There Faster  

A habit based approach allows someone to start where they are currently, and take the next logical step towards their goal instead of trying jumping straight to the finish line before they’re ready.

With each habit a person develops they start to build steam and feel good about the process. For once they feel successful and less anxiety about the change in their life.

This is the exact same approach I use with my nutrition clients, we’re engineering a lifestyle, not doing another diet.

An example of a habit could be having a palm sized portion of protein at breakfast or having 2 large glasses of water when you wake up. Seems too simple ? GOOD!

There are tons of these simple habits you could work on and see your health and body transform over time. Keep in mind the key here is to focus on ONE HABIT AT A TIME!

Here are a few example of habits I regularly have nutrition clients work on ONE at a time:

  • Drink 2 glasses of water first thing in the morning

  • Have 1 serving of vegetables with breakfast

  • Replace 1 serving of processed carbohydrates with fruit or vegetables

  • Have a salad for lunch

  • Put your fork down on the table between bites of food at 1 meal

  • Try to eat at least 5 different color fruits and vegetables this week

  • Have 1-2 palm sized portions of protein at a meal (breakfast,lunch,dinner)  

  • Have 3-5 servings of vegetables each day

If you’re interested in developing some personalized habits for yourself click HERE to get on a free strategy call with me so we can discuss your current goals, and develop personalized habits to get you there in a sustainable fashion.

As always I really appreciate you taking the time to read this week’s blog and feel free to email me at evolvent.pdx@gmail.com.