9 Tips For Fat Loss (Part 3)

As you can tell by reading 9 Tips For Fat Loss Parts 1 and 2 my recommendations pertain to nutrition, but also lifestyle and exercise habits.

Because nutrition, lifestyle and exercise are all vital parts of the fat loss equation if you approach your goal as  a change in long term habits instead of a “Diet” mentality you will get healthier, and achieve fat loss at the same time.

I have worked with clients who had no real fat loss or aesthetic goals, but wanted to feel and perform better daily. Health was what they prioritized, as they got healthier weight naturally came off.

“Get healthy on purpose, lose weight on accident” is a mantra I encourage people to use. My recommendations in these posts are geared towards those looking to lose fat, but only as a byproduct of getting healthier along the way.

7.) Stress Management

  • We evolved to handle shorts bouts of acute stress pretty well, in paleolithic times we might have ran from a large animal or hunted for food causing stress. What we are not adapted to handle is the chronic low grade daily stressors.

  • Stress makes you hungrier and increases the cravings for sugar while making it more difficult to burn fat

  • Schedule daily stress management practices: meditation, walks in a park or nature, reading a calming book, yoga. Make them a part of your daily ritual, but don’t stress about them


8.) Consume Healthy Fats 

  • Fat has been demonized and blamed for a lot of health problems in the past. We have come to find out that the basis for these claims were built on bad science, and hand picked data

  • Since the adoption of the low fat, highly processed carbohydrate diet our health has steadily declined.

  • By consuming more healthy fats, and reducing processed carbohydrates we allow our body to burn dietary and  body fat as our fuel.

  • Fat slows gastric emptying, which keeps us fuller for longer preventing unnecessary snacks and cravings.

9.) Sprint

  • Sprinting is anabolic, which means it builds muscle and strength. 

  • It is far more efficient at burning fat than chronic cardio, and takes a fraction of the time

  • Sprinting makes the body keep burning fat even after the sprint session has been completed

  • The beauty is that sprinting can even be done slowly such as pushing a weighted sled, or on an exercise bike and still get the benefits without impact

If you’re tired of working hard, and not getting the results you want, I can help you adopt the simple habits necessary to reach your health or fat loss goals.

These habits are based on getting you to your goal in a sustainable fashion that can be maintained. I’ll be there every step of the way to support and keep you accountable.  

Get on a Strategy Call with me to Discover how to achieve your health or fat loss goals, and make them yours to keep this time around.

Whether you decide to work with me or not I can guarantee you will leave this call with more knowledge on how to achieve your goals.


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